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04 August, 2008

You Can't Handle The Truth

I feel like Jack Nicholsom from the movie A Few Good Men saying " you can't handle the truth!!". My bosses, my peers and the administrator kept asking me how was the 2 months training in i**osy*, I*di* and I don't think they wanna hear the truth, cause it was the worst place and time that I have ever been in my life. Honestly!

The whole thing was a disaster since the beginning, no proper planning, no co-operation, what the admin know is that they just wanna send us off to the land that nobody wanna go again for their entire life, and they expect all of us to come back in one piece. It was bad, the mental torture, physical torture made us all aching to go back home A.s.a.p.

The plan was to send us for IT transfer for 4 months training, but it was shorten to 2 months, all of us was forced to a fast track which we dont have any idea off. Tunggang langgang jadiknya, dengan non-IT background people nak cope ngan 2 months fast track intensive class, pecah kepala woo.. ada tu siap hantuk2 kepala kat dinding lagik ( ok, this part i made it up). But, the rest was real, keje giler.. nak marah orang sana, they said that our gomen was notified about this, and they were the ones who agreed to it in the 1st place and we all became the victim.

Dont get me wrong, the purpose of the training was great, the things we have learnt was very beneficial. But, apa yg we all tak puas hati was, the schedule, 6 days a week, belajar, every week new subject, ada test every week. Passing grade tinggi, tak lulus, repeatlah ko sampai ke sudah. Imagine belajar Oracle dalam 5 hari, tak pernah sentuh seumur idop, pastu nak exam advance level plak tu. Meletup!! Furthermore, most of us kept having diarrhea the whole time we stayed there, nak kata makan kat luar kampus, tak plak, nak kluar pun tak sempat, inikan nak makan kat luar. I experienced itself, masa tengah final exam kena diarrhea, nak berpinar bijik mata jawab exam.

Yang sedihnya was, at the end when we finally passed the exams and all, when they mentioned that they will give our certificate for our hard effort etc. , it was done... cara straight foreward cakap... graduate tadika lagik grand lah. There were no ceremony at all, ambik sijil sendirik.. and the worst part was.. the cert itself. Penat2 suma, ngan sakit, ngan pening etc.. tulih situ Certificate of Participation jek. Sabor jeklah.. kalo tahu... takde lah ppl losing sleep, jeapordizing their health etc. So, dear admin and those ppl involve.. are sure you wanna ask us all about our experience? I think not, cause we are sure you wouldn't and couldnt hear the truth.


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