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24 September, 2008

Berbuka Puasa @ Iftar at Cafe 1920

Last Sunday we had our berbuka puasa or Iftar together at cafe 1920. What we like about this annual Iftar is that, this is the time where we could gather everyone with the husbands and kids together.So, we try to make it a point to meet everyone and breaking fast together. The gang were Elly, Fida, Erni with hubby and kid, Aneh and hubby, Jannah and hubby, Sad, Mary and Wan. Eija could not make it as kena baling kampung. Takpe Eija next time ye. We decided that we dont want to go for buffet this year, as buffet bulan posa nie rugi slalu, so we opt for the ala carte instead, at cafe 1920, The Curve. If you like Italian food, then we recommend this place, the food is nice, the place is nice and lucky for us we had nice people from the cafe that entertained us throughout our food ordering and picture taking hehe. As usual we end up being the last people to leave the cafe hehe cam tak biasa ;)

These pictures taken from Erni's blog. (courtesy of Erni, tq erni)



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