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27 January, 2009

Sinc or Swim

Elly and I have registered ourselves to a swimming class. It has been ages since we have wanted to learn to swim. But, we kept postponing it. So, at last we have registered. So, came our 1st swimming class.
1st Lesson : Breathing lesson.
The instructor taught us of how to breath underwater. First lesson, everybody did it easily except me. I cant even blow bubbles out of my nose. Instead, kluar hingus adalah. Ok 1st lesson failed.

2nd Lesson: Learn to float.
So, we were told to hold on to side of the pool, then slowly float ourselves and let go of your hand.
Again, everybody did it easily except me. I was OK the part of holding the pool side, but the part of floating myself and letting my hand go, is the toughest part. Then, it occured to me and I have just realzied, that I am HYDROPHOBIC (note: fear of water... as long as my head is above water it is OK, once my head is inside the water is a different matter) . The instrcutor came to me and asked me whether I had any experience of drowning or almost drowning. I said YES. So... that is why, she said that in order for me to learn to swim, I need to know how to float, in order for me to float.. I need to learn to overcome my fear.

So, the rest of the swimming class, I was at the side, learning to overcome my fear.. while watching my classmates and Elly freely floating around the swimming pool.

SINC or SWIM exactly!


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