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09 June, 2009

Splish Splash

From our previous entry, we shared about our swimming class. At long last, after much postponing as the swimming pool had to be closed due to paip rosak and etc. We had finished our lessons. Yes, indeed we had finished our swimming class but unfortunately I did not graduate or in other words I did not passed the swimming class. I know I know.. biar betol, ada ke orang tak lulus? Ada ke exam swimming? To answer your questions : 1- I am the only one, to put it nicely as my instructor put it 'special case', aku sorang jek tak lepas. 2- ada ke exam? memanglah takde exam, tapi... i'll explain in detail later on.

The swimming lessons:
The normal lesson takes 10 classes. So, the first two classes as explained previously teach you how to breathe and float. Senang kan. Then..

The instructor will teach you usually the most basic swimming style, which is berenang katak or cakap melayu dia kuak dada.
Lesson 3: Guna kaki
Lesson 4: Guna tangan + kaki
Lesson 5: Refine

Then, bleh berenang lah kan? Camne bleh fail you ask?

Lesson 6: In order to betul2 swim, takkan swim tempat cetek right? Kalau tercampak pun, berdiri jeklah cam cerita P Ramlee.. dah cetek kan.

So, in order to make sure you can swim, you go to the deeeep poool.
What you need to do is... you need to JUMP into the deep pool. This is where i failed miserably.. takleh jump langsung.. my feet would not budge. It toook me a while looonnnnggg to jump into the pool.

Obtained from www.CartoonStock.com

FYI, the swimming class combined together with kids, so my friends yang ada anak kecik, my suggestion to you is that...bawaklah, or ajarlah your kids to swim when they are still young. Kalau dah tua cam aku nie, payah wei... the fear is there. Budak2 kecik mana tahu takut, so, they learn to swim to faster and they jumped into the pool without any hesitation. Siap angkat tangan lagik, me! me! nak terjun dulu into the pool.

Lesson 7: They will teach you threading, meaning: float secara menegak dalam deep pool

Lesson 8 and Lesson 9: Refining your swimming style. (kalau advance bleh free style)

Lesson 10: The last class. What you need to do is first jump into the deep pool. Then, threading. Then swim across the deep pool. If you can do this, meaning you CAN swim. LULUS!

So, yes my dear friends, I was not able to do all those cuma the last class bleh terjun dalam deep poool then that's it. So, where I am now? I am repeating the swimming class. Masuk class ngan 'matured' students hehe. Kang pressure ngan budak2 kecik.. they learn fast and serious when I say teach/ bring your kids to swimming classes I mean it. Malulah tgk member dah tua tak reti2 berenang like me. So, wish me luck for my repeaters class, so that I can swim too like the rest huhu.


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