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09 September, 2005

Nak Ngomel Sket

Dengarlah eh silap.. bacalah my ngomel segment. For the past one week dont know for whatever reason I've been stuck in the heavy traffic.
  • Monday - After office, wanted to go to Sunway Pyramid but instead, I was stuck in the traffic almost non moving for 1 hour from Tol Puchong to IOI Mall. Punyalah terok traffic. The next day only, then I realized the reason was because there was a white snake at the temple there. Dasyat betul effect snake nie.
  • Tuesday- If I'm not mistaken KL hujan that day, so traffic ALL the way from Serdang. sigh*
  • Wednesday- Was going through KL-Seremban highway and wondering kenapalah suma kereta nie slowing down near the Petronas there? And the cars kept changing lanes from left lanes to right lanes. Then, I noticed the reason behind it all. There was a lorry carrying 2/3 elephants!! Punyalah I terkejut. Never before I seen a lorry carrying/ transporting elephants! Imagine that. All my life I've seen lorries carrying chickens, 'babe' family members ke.. or even the covered van that carries horses. But elephants? Tak pernah lagik nie. What scared me was that the lorry dahle terbukak one thing, and the elephants ada tusks tau meaning bukan anak gajah and they were tied with only tali jek. Dibuatnya gajah tuh goyang2 kang melompat from the lorry camne? Tak ke haru? ( Thought of Jumanji the movie suddenly appeared to my mind). If I only I had a camera phone I would have shared this with all of you tp takde kan nak buek camno.. Fida passlah hp baru kat aku, takde ke? hehe
  • Thursday- Smlm pun heavy teruk. This time worse because after I paid the toll, then startlah free gear. Tak yah gerak2 dah. I dont know why, but dont u guys go through the same thing? Seems like we paid toll just to enter traffic jam. Betul tak? eishh kang bebel lagik plak pasal tol n minyak. Takpelah keep that for future ngomel segment.
  • Friday- Today, without a doubt sure traffic jam terok!

Sigh, is it me or does everybody goes through the same thing? I'm spending like 1/4 ke 1/8 of my life on the road in traffic jams. Sometimes even worse, we are stuck in the traffic and ended up at the end nothing happen. Takde pun accident ke, takde pun bende tumbang ke banjir ke. So why in the world did we stuck the in traffic just a moment ago!

Tu jeklah nak ngomel.. me n traffic jams.. buleh buat puisi tak nie? ;)


  • At September 10, 2005 1:22 AM , Anonymous sad said...

    Talking about traffic jam, a non stop issue. I have the same experience while I was at KAF, the golden triangle area. If your office hour end at 5 pm don't even think to get out early from that area you sure will get stuck at pudu. The worst thing, while the car was stand still then came this man asked you a money if you said you don't have them, he will bang your car's window scary oooooo. I still remember for 3 years I berbuka posa in the car.

  • At September 12, 2005 8:55 AM , Anonymous Elly said...

    hehehehe... the coming Ramadhan sure lagi jam. Dah la jam satu ke hal, drivers pun satu hal. Nanti i nak ngomel pasal driver. Dah lama nak buat post pasal drivers.... boleh mendatangkan marah jek drivers...hehehehe

  • At September 12, 2005 9:42 AM , Anonymous wanf said...

    Ngomel lah ly.. i nak baca...it's monday pun monday blues..paham2lah.. :)

  • At September 12, 2005 1:20 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    i'm no exclusion...well, so long you work in KL & Klang Valley....it'll become something routine.. living here, of course...

    there's this one time that of all a sudden, traffic was so damn teruk, dunt know what causes it, but sure hell know that at the end of the day, there's nothing actually causing the jam....

    it oftens made me wonder why and feel like getting into a chopper and see from above ..trying to get to the source of it..

    tense is all around.......


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