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28 February, 2006

Mana nak korek duit lagi nie?

Yep, the bad news is out. Petrol increase by 30 sen. I've calculated how much it affects my monthly budget.

Per week my full tank is about 38 litres.
So, 38l * 0.30 = RM 11.40 per week

Per month: RM 11.40 * 4= RM45.60 almost RM50.

Where am I gonna chalk up that extra RM 50? Dahle nowadays pun dah bawak bekal pergi keje. Savings pun cukup2 makan jek. Ngan duit keta lagik. Furthermore, my car insurance and road tax is due next month, lagi lah terasa. Nak hantar kereta pergi servis lagik.

Nak simpan duit ntuk bercuti pun ye jugak. Takkanlah one year keje and don't have any rest for my ownself kang pengsang dibuatnya.

Naik basikal jauh giler, tak pernah dibuat dek orang. Public transportation, not that reliable. Nak exit KL jek dah amik masa berejam. Ada yg kena subuh dalam bas nie kalo nak sampai opis before 8.30 a.m.

Sadis... sadis.. :(

17 February, 2006


To our dearest friend,


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09 February, 2006

MAS FAIR is coming!!!

A picture is worth a thousand words. So apa lagi geng?

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07 February, 2006

AJL 20

Our utmost thank you to Marina for getting us the tickets to Anugerah Juara Lagu a.k.a AJL 20. Thank you Marina! Thank you so much for the tickets with fabulous seats! Thanks a lot. Front row seats for some of us. Just 3 or 4 steps dah buleh join as props for Zainal Abidin, bleh dok sebelah abang api,hihi. We went for the full dress rehearsal of the AJL. Ingatkan we all jek yang dapat tickets, rupanya full house. Imagine the Dewan Merdeka in PWTC full, even the stairs pun filled up with people. We had a blast! Rasanya, the rehearsal was much much better and happening than the real, live AJL. Don't know whether is it because we were there watching it live during the rehearsal or we all terasa best sebab perasan hehe.

Image hosting by Photobucket Our tickets

Image hosting by Photobucket The ticket

As usual, Ning sang beautifully. It's a shame Ning didn't win the Balada although we were hoping she could win. Jangan mare peminat Jac. Jac was great as well, her voice mak aiihh sedap giler dengar bergema dalam dewan tuh. Thus, the best woman won for the Balada category.

Image hosting by Photobucket Ning

Adam as usual, showed his skilss in dancing. Tapi seriously cute budak nie. When we called his name, elok jek toleh at we all and waved at us. Baik budak nie.
Image hosting by Photobucket Adam

It wouldn't be Kak Ani's performance kalo tak bawak minimum 20 people. Tapikan, kelakarlah performance dia nie. Don't know whether was it meant to be funny or I was the only one found it hillarious :)
Image hosting by Photobucket Ayuh Juragan

Zainal with his song Gaia. Just can't get rid off the relation of Capten Planet with this song. Gaia - Capten Planet. Remember?
Image hosting by Photobucket Gaia

The reason that we went to AJL 20 in the first place. Who else if not for Mim, Alif,Wau, Ya. People at home missed this part, where Mawi bersilat during his opening act. Apalah camera tuh pergi tunjuk tempat lain. Nasib baik ada gambar rehearsal to show to you people out there.
Image hosting by Photobucket Mawi bersilat

Image hosting by Photobucket Mawi

The reason he won 'persembahan terbaik' bak kata Ally Iskandar. Sebab Mawi menari. Hehe tapi kelakar lah tengok dia menari. Yang penting ada effort. Although people kata huh? dia lagi. Who cares, the public has spoken. Yahoo!! Mawi menang :D
Image hosting by Photobucket Mawi World!!

Hazami's backup singers. Habis satu skolah vokal tu rasanya datang. Tp, memang best they all nyanyi. Was hoping pun Hazami menang. Good for you Hazami!
Image hosting by Photobucket Penuh pentas

Duet Jamal n Misha. Tak ingat plak wat song they sang. Lagu apa ye depa nyanyi? Siapa ingat?
Image hosting by Photobucket Jamal n Misha

Performance by KRU. WHile waiting for the result. Really bring back memories.. Fanatik.. fanatik.. fanatik.. Yang really excited was, the original KRU Dancers pun ada malam tuh. Cayalah bros.
Image hosting by Photobucket KRU, dari sembilan dua hingga 2006..

Sifu pun perform. Meriah giler tengok dia menari.
Image hosting by Photobucket M Nasir
The result, everybody knows about it already. Some agree, some disagree. Biasalah tuh, overall it was great! Biler lagik nak rub shoulders with artists betul tak? Sekali sekala apa salahnya ;)

01 February, 2006

I thought wrong

Just came back from Terengganu. 5 day hols with the nieces. Yeay!! Really needed the break. Yesterday, when we entered KL, we just realized something.. giler lengang! All the shops were closed. No matter if it is a Malay, Chinese or Indian shop, everything was closed! Maklumlah, raya cina + awal muharram + hari wilayah. So all races cutilah. Bestnya KL lengang yahoo!! I can have KL all to myself ( perasan hehe).

So, now here I am sitting in front of the PC. Niatnya nak start buat keje. Pathetic kan.. cuti pun kena buat keje. But, that's the reality of it. I never thought that being an academician would be this tough. Well, I guess I just thought wrong. I kept telling my frens who are now academician why didn't they tell me in first place that there are a lot of hard work involve. And some of the replies were "eh bukan dah cakap ke?", and some of it " memanglah..", and some of it " suma keje susah, mana ada senang." And I am like, OK memanglah takde keje senang, but I was hoping and kinda thought it would be easier than working in a private sector whereby I couldn't even see the sun. Yeap, that's the term we usually use to explain how busy we are " matahari pun aku tak sempat tengok" (meaning: kluar rumah early in the morning time kena bukak lampu keta and balik matahari pun dah terbenam and still the headlights are on).

When i ventured out to become an academician, my thoughts were:
1- keje pun 9-5
2- takde class buleh lepak
3- no deadlines
4- no customer calls
5- no urgent matters by the boss

But, NOOO.. I guessed wrong. There is no such thing as work from 9-5. No such thing as takde class can lepak, there are deadlines to meet. Customer calls in academic term would be the students who's non stop sms-ing you, jumpa ntuk tanya soklan and there are urgent matters from the boss (read: last minute punya keje).

Here is a simple calculation of the hours spent per week:

Lecture hours : Let say on avg. 14 hours a week
Preparing for lecture. 1 hour of lecture needs approx. 2 hours of preparation. So, 14 * 2= 28 hours. Now, the total is already 42 hours, MORE than 40 hours a week.

But, there is more. Supervise students for final year project. 1 hour * 3 students = 3 hours
Weekly meeting. This meeting takes ages. Avg. 4 hours a week.

Nie, tak masuk lagi marking exam papers, assignments, quizzed and preparing them. Plus, biler ada conference ke, bengkel ke kena extra workload lagik and nak confirm kena write paper/journals.

Fuhh!! sah2 work terover hours. Confirm, I thought wrong. I thought by being an academician it would be an easier task. But, no.It's either the same or you work more.

This was my conversation with my lecturers when they ask me how is it going so far, me being an academician.

LectA: Wan, camne keje so far. OK?
Me: Banyak kejelah. Tak tahu pun keje banyak camnie :(
Lect A: (senyum sinis) Tahu pun.
Me: Takde siapa pun beritahu banyak keje. Dulu tengok lecturer semua cool jek.
Lect A: Hehe.. biasalah we all.
Me : (sabor je lah lecturer eden nie)

Lect B: Sibuk ?
Me: Yeap. Penat.
Lect B: hehe dulu masa student tgk lecturer best je yek. Sekarang dah jadi lecturer, mesti kata jadi student lagik best.
Me: Memang pun.

But, at the end of the conversation they gave some advices and hopes that thing would be better. Of courselah, baru start, there are lots of things to learn and the time consume most is the preparation for the classes. Lama2 oklah tuh. Mintak2lah yek. But, to tell you the truth, tak pernah I read as much as I am now compared to when I was a student. Dibuatnya, students tanya soklan2 bernas dalam class and I couldn't answer. Kenalah prepare myself. Suddenly, the thoughts of Dzul, Eyanto, Sam, Eddie dulu. Pengsan eden kalo students macam diorang nie, soklan bernas2. Plus Edaureen yang cakap berabuk tu lagik.

Now I realized how much my teachers, lecturers have given to me all these years. Tulah, belajar dulu tak pernah nak celebrate "hari guru". I was never the student who would give roses ke, cards ke to the teachers. Tak nak ampu lah katakan.

Therefore, I am taking this opportunity to give a big shoutout to all my teachers and my lecturers that have taught me. A BIG THANK YOU!! Thank you so much my dear teachers and lecturers. Now I know.. THANX!!