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06 January, 2008

Year 2008!

It's the year 2008 and people are busy asking about new year resolutions. I read somewhere that if you could not fulfill your list of new year resolution, so better not do it at all. Therefore, this year I would like to make a TO DO list of 2008. That's more like it I think.

Things to do in 2008.
1- Travel overseas. We did not travel to overseas last year to show support to our own Visit Malaysia Year 2007. (Or in other words: Last year tak pegi memana, sebab ongkos tarak). So, last year we traveled to Kelantan and that was it, hopefully Insya Allah ada rezeki we hope we could travel abroad this year (hopefully).

2- Be healthier. Yep, I think it is about time I need to put this list up. I still haven't done my full- when you reach 30- medical check up yet. So, hopefully I would do that and eat more healthy foods and keep exercising.

3- Keep in touch with friends and families. Talking about keeping in touch, we had a small gathering last year during Christmas Day, just us gals having a time off and having all girls day out. It was just great, thank you to the husbands who were willing to look after the baby and for letting the wives for a one day getaway. Thank you, and hopefully next time pun boleh jugak ;)

Alas, in 2007 we had tears, laughter, joy, sadness and all that in between. Hopefully this year 2008 would be better and a blast! SELAMAT MENYAMBUT TAHUN BARU!!

p/s: To our hardones classmate Sam, heard you got married and we wish you SELAMAT PENGANTIN BARU and semoga berbahagia donia akhirat.
p/p/s: To our hardones lads hope you guys had a great futsal gathering!