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15 March, 2006

About Petrol.. Again

Just want to post up this picture as it explains what happened to me yesterday. I always filled up a full tank for my petrol. Usually for a full tank it costs me about RM58 ( itu habis kosonglah tuh). But, yesterday, as I was filling up my tank and was watching the metre reading, it didn't stop at RM60, but instead it goes on till RM 70. Mak aiihhh giler ke apa? Ini macam isi minyak kat keta 1.8 or 2.0 cc. Mine is 1.5 jek. Siap double check tuh, kot2 tersalah tekan ke whatever. But, betullah. Kira2 balik betul because my tank is for 40 litre. So, 30 cent increase, RM 12 lebih. Cekik darah betul! So, when my brother sent me this picture, it sure tells the truth!

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