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28 October, 2005

Because I Care

As the festive seasons are just around the corner, everybody seems to look forward to the holidays. Some who did not celebrate, even more excited that us who celebrates it. Even take early holiday leaves. And as I was driving to work today, I realize we are not perfect drivers (yup, nobody perfects comes to mind). I do not expect perfectionist from drivers, but I just want to arrive to my destination (kampungku) safely and less babbling. Kurang pahala posa nanti ;). So since I cannot think logics and programs for my applications, here are the tips to ponder for us to arrive safely, Insya Allah.

  1. Don’t forget to give a turn signal lights. Giving signal is a simple thing to do yet it is often ignored thinking others know where your direction is and where you want to turn. Remember the lights located at the 4 corners of your car? That’s the turn signal light. Do use it often. Signaling a turn is very important, ensuring you and your passengers’ safety as well as the vehicle behind you. It can help prevent accidents causing damage to your car, injuries and might be death too. It warn other vehicle drivers before you go in to their lane. Do avoid giving last minute turn signal when you want to turn to the junction. Others might be angry or mad. Do follow the correct lane before you make your turn. But do keep in mind, even you have give a turn signal light, it does not mean you just can go to the next lane. That’s where your rear view mirror comes useful. Look left or right before you turn to other lane. Like you did when you are crossing the road. I have a lot to babble about the turn signal situation. Let’s just keep it simple and hopefully short ;)

  2. Honestly, I don’t mind speeding drivers. Sometimes I do drive like a mad F1 drivers. When I’m behind the wheel, I’m like a raging bull, but a tactical bull plus I follow the rules except for the speed limit ;). However, one rules that I always follow is keep your distance. You need not take an IQ test to know accident easily occurs especially when your vehicle too close with the front vehicle, easy said ‘cucuk kereta depan’. If at any spur of moments, the vehicle in front of you unexpectedly hits the brake pedal? BANG! Traffic jam la pulak. Other drivers will start babbling. You not just cause your time, but others as well. Plus testing their patient (and mental. Hehehe). In case this happens, be strong and smile to the onlookers. You might be forgiven for the massive jam. Hehehe

  3. Please don’t be a road hog. Road hog is define as a driver who obstructs others. I know you never meant to be a road hog. Especially ‘accidentally’ you are driving so slow in the fast lane. Here’s some point to know you are slow in the fast lane:

      a. When most vehicles behind you highlights a.k.a beams you.

      b. The vehicle behind you starts to be so close with your vehicle. From you back rear view mirror as if the driver is seating at your back seat of your car. In other lay men’s term, ‘cucuk kereta’. It’s either you show your middle finger or move aside, I opt for the latter.

      c. When the car behind you, cut your car from the left lane.

      d. And when they do cut you, all of the passengers seem to look at you, staring like the devils eye (that just exaggerating ;)). It’s nice if you can smile back.

      e. A runner passes you by so easily. If this happens, this is not just slow. Very very slow. Excruciating slow. And if you still in the fast lane, only 2 things comes to my mind:

        i. Your steering might have spoil; therefore you cannot maneuver to the left.

        ii. You just plain selfish. (I prefer this ;))

  4. Do check your brake lights. It’s important. That reminds me to change my car’s brake lights as well. Reason being, if you emergency brake, the car behind you will alert and definitely will not crash or bump your lovely car. Saving you the hassle to claim the other party’s insurance and to deal with mechanics. Not in the IQ test also ;) (the same IQ test in point 2)

  5. It’s important to service your car. You don’t want to stop and stuck in the middle of the road and waiting for PLUS guys or any tow truck for that matter to rescue you. It might be costly by then. Prevention is better than cure. It’s a heart break to see other drivers pass you by and it even harder to take it if ‘Dendang Perantau’ is aired on the radio.

  6. Please do not cut queues. Especially while paying the toll. Others have waited so long, and suddenly you feel like a VIP, just cut the queues. Patience is virtue. Sometimes, I do think people think that if they have give the turn signal (right or left) it is ok for them to cut queues. I have also notice, (my undoctorate finding) people tend to drive as if they are Smart Tag user, then almost at the toll-gate, they just gives signal (if!), and cut the queue. Very often it happens. I might not be pissed off since I’m a Smart Tag user, but what about other drivers. Especially the one way back there. Please be courteous with others, as others do to you. (Ok some might do the same as you did. Pay back time huh?)

  7. Talking about lanes, during this festive season, the roads especially the highways will be packed with cars. We've all had the unpleasant experience of being stuck in traffic, sometimes for hours, impatiently waiting for the car in front of us to speed up so that we can reach to the destination as soon as possible. But please don’t create your own lane. From 2 lanes, you feel you need to arrive a bit faster than the rest of the world, you create your own lane. Just when you feel like a successful JKR worker, a police car or car breakdown at the new created lane, you go and cut other people’s queue. Back to point no. 6. Where this will lead? A babbling and angry driver. Ok, this technique might get you to arrive a bit faster than the rest of us or it might land you a summons ticket. Pick your pick ;)

  8. The next point has nothing to do with your driving skills. But I do think it’s important. Please do not throw your rubbish on the road. Remind your passengers as well. It’s not just you who want to have their car clean. So don’t do your car spring-cleaning while on the road. Do it at your own space and place. If you throw your rubbish, the next car throws his/her rubbish, next other car did as well, soon the jam will not cause by accidents or slow drivers, because the need to clear the rubbish to make way for drivers. Pollution in mind now? We don’t have Captain Planet :(

  9. Please do not drive when you are using your hand-phone. Unless you are hands-free. Why? :

      a. Besides endanger others, (among the examples), you might not aware the car in front might brakes, somebody is crossing the road or you need to turn (then not giving turn signal, just turn to the junction, the car behind will be totally pissed off, I know I will).

      b. You are driving too slow. As if you are driving in the safari. ‘Look at the lion under the tree! Look there’s an elephant!’ ;)

  10. I’m kinda annoyed if a car cuts in front of me, fine, being a good driver just let the driver be. And if you are doing that, please don’t drive too slow. Potong lane beriya-riya tapi bawa slow. And where this will lead besides an angry driver behind? Point no. 3.

  11. Please be aware of traffic lights turn to green if you are at the front of the row. Since festive seasons there will be a lot of cars on the road. So if you are not aware the lights changes, others have to wait for a long time for the next green light. And being a bumble bee, most of the time I’ll babbling. ‘You ignorant driver. What are you doing in the car?’

  12. Please do not cross against the red light. Dangerous! Remember others too want to arrive early and safe. Did you watch ‘Gangster’, where the driver crosses against the light, other cars hit and bang the race car. The race car which were driven by Ako, rollover before it stopped. A tragedy. Usually after the rollover the vehicle may end up lying on the side or on the roof, often blocking the doors and complicating the escape for the passengers. You might be safed or you might not be. So don’t cross the red light if you wish to live longer, others too want to live longer. Through my undoctrate studies again, usually motorcyclists did this. They not just endanger themselves, as well as others. When they do get tickets from the traffic officer, they start to blame the laws. Hey, it’s your fault. You should stop.

  13. The Don’ts at the junction:

      a. Hesitate. If you see the road is clear for you to get out from the junction (direct translation of ‘keluar simpang’) Please do not hesitate. Car behind you might thought you will move forward, exited the junction, so he might moves forward, but you still hesitate to move lay men’s term ‘tak keluar-keluar lagi’. Minor accident might occurs. You get out from the car, check out the damage at that time and place. Guess what? Jam starts to build up unless you negotiate at the side road. Just be strong and careful when you need to move to the main road or exit from a junction.

      b. Don’t forget to gives turn signal. Be courteous to other drivers. Check-out point no. 1.

  14. Oh! Another lane reminder. Appreciate if you follow your lane. Don’t be too greedy to have 2 lanes by your own. It’s either right lane or left lane. Note: The dotted lines on the road are to separate between lanes. You should not drive on the dotted lines. Choose just one lane. It’s like choosing which nostril you want to pick, you don’t pick both at the same time. If you did so, what is your breathing technique? Do share.

  15. Finally, Be patience. With patience, my friend, you'll live longer. If you are stuck in the traffic do sing. Sing your heart out. Time flies when you treat it as your personal karaoke session. And of course, Don’t Drink and Drives, the infamous quote ;). And if you are tired, and the journey is still a long way, do rest at the R&R. It’s all because I care ;)

Ok, those are among the points to ponder that I could remember. Do you have any 2 cents thoughts. Do share. Hopefully we’ll be arriving safely to our destination. Have a safe journey and enjoy your festive season. Selamat Hari Raya and Maaf Zahir Batin.

25 October, 2005

Annual Iftar

As usual, we would have our annual iftar. Last Tuesday, 18th Oct we went to Bandar Sri Damansara for our iftar. To me, Ramadhan is a month where we would meet up and and get the latest news, life and updates about each other. Of course there would be raya gathering and etc, but we had been doing these for years and hopefully years to come as well, Insya Allah.

So, after work I went to pick up Elly (biasalah me n geographykan fail, tq Ly temankan I). Half way to the place we met up with Erni. Aneh n hubby were already there. Fida came a bit late because she was on leave that day a.k.a shopping at Jalan TAR hehe ;)

The place we went for our Iftar was Groupbase. This was the first time we ate there. Buffet style. Oklah, nice place. A lof varieties of food, the place was not crowded (unlike some other places where ppl need to queue up for their foods), and the price was reasonable. Tak yahlah bayar sampai ratus2 ntuk makan ye tak.

Husband Aneh was the only guy came for the Iftar cause husband Erni could not make it. Takpelah yek, tak yah segan2 ngan we all, for years and years to come muka2 nie gak dia akan tengok hehe betul tak.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
check out the 'table leg' ( direct translation of kaki meja') jenama Singer tu jangan memain hehe

While we were eating, someone mentioned if anybody remembered where we had our 1st annual Iftar. It was the 1st time after we graduated. Maklumlah masing2 baru keje kan, so nak lah merasa makan kat hotel. I can't remember the name of the hotel, but it was somewhere near Stadium Negara. I still remember the advert of the place 'beside LRT'. Tahu tak what does it means by 'beside LRT' tuh, if you take the LRT and while it was moving, you open up the door and jump! That was the NEARest it could be to the LRT. Takde station LRT pun dekat ngan hotel tuh. Hehehe lawak betol pikir balik, punyalah nak merasa makan hotel masa tuh.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Then years after that, we chose right places for Iftar. My favourite was when we had our Iftar at Vichuda. Giler penuh meja we all ngan foods jek, Tomyam lah, lauk ayam, daging, sayur suma. Takut org tgk we all makan, licin plak tuh. heheh biasalah kan geng serangkai. If some people would say that if they go for buffet nanti rugi, we would be the total opposite :D Remember Chicken Hatz at Sunway Pyramid? Those 2 hours eat all you can tu, mmg we all eat suma, siap ngan aiskrim yg putih cair tak cam aiskrim tu pun we all belasah a few rounds hehe.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

We had great time and hopefully we would have more for years to come.. Insya Allah.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

As this week would be last working week, so would like to wish all of you SELAMAT BERPUASA and also


13 October, 2005

Kenangan Berpuasa di bulan Ramadhan

Dont know why for the past few entries we kept talking about memories. Takpelah yek... buleh buat buku 'Terkenang.. semasa dulu..' hehe. As I was listening to Era this morning (yep, Era has now become my no 1 radio cause Hitz.fm is just not like wat it used to be. Glory days of Lil' Kev n Fly Guy is not existent anymore) Anyway, back to track.. the topic this morning was 'Kenangan berpuasa dia perantauan'. Banyak memories sebenarnya bulan posa nie, no matter di perantauan ke, di lautan ke, di tempat keje ke, tempat belajar ke musti ada punyalah kenangan.

My memories while fasting abroad was the 1st time I break fast. Sedih giler.. yelah usually bukak posa with families and friends in our homeland. Tapi, biler bukak posa di perantauan nie.. sebak jek rasa. Dahlah 1st time bukak posa dlm class, makan coklat jek. Time berbuka was at 4 p.m and class is still on, so bismillah and makan coklat jeklah and that was my break fast. Insaf sat masa tuh.. bersyukur giler kiter selama nie bukak posa memacam juadah on our table. (selingan keinsapan sat). One great thing about breaking fast abroad was, almost everyday bukak posa pree. hehe muka pree kan what can u say, I even memorized which masjid had free iftar on what particular day, student kan what can u say.. jimat beb.

As I have just started working in Shah Alam, the other day,I was passing through Giant at Section 18. Dulu kat situlah tempat lepak haha (baca majalah free pastuh kena marah). There was the infamous Bazar Ramadhan that we usually went to buy our foods for break fast. Teringat ayam percik sedap tu sedapnya... Pernah one time we went there quite late, tak ingatlah terlajak tido ke kelas abis lambat ke, so when we went there to buy foods, bunyi azan dah.. kelam kabut nak bukak posa, pastuh pakcik jual tu suruh we all amik jek air tu minum dulu free. Baik pakcik tuh.. ada gak pekdah pegi lambat yek.

So many memories, so many stories. So geng, when and where are we going for our 'ANNUAL break fast'? Can't hardly wait.. :D

11 October, 2005

A Whole New World

Selamat berpuasa semua.. semoga sesama kiter menjalankan ibadah posa di bulan Ramadhan yang mulia ini dan semoga semua amalan kiter diterima Allah. Amin..

As some of you already know and to answer Farah's question I have started a new job. Totally different environment. All this while I've been working in private sectors and now I am in the government sector. Jadi lecturer sekarang huhuh ( kalo u all tak percaya eden lagik tak percaya). My first day was totally different than what I have gone through for the past 3 jobs I've done. Usually, your first day will be: 1- meeting your new boss, 2- they will show you where your cubicle is, 3- they will give you some kind of manual to read for the job.

But, for my 1st day in the gov sector it went like this: 1-lapor diri 2-introduce yourself to your new boss 3- pepandai sendirik. That was it. No cubicle, no materials to read, you are left on your own and pepandai kaulah. I was shocked because, totally different!. Furthermore, gajik tak dapat (sedihnyaaaaa). Biasalah gomen it will take ages for them to process your payslip etc. My sis took her 3 months to get her 1st paycheck. Tak rayalah eden namanya huhuhu sadis sadis. Siapa nak bawak anak ke rumah eden raya nie.. bawaklah tapi siang2 yek nak cakap makcik tak kasik duit raya, takde gajik beb. Only today that I was able to get my car sticker ( after kena saman 3 kali berturut2 sebab takde sticker keta..sabor jeklah). Got a room with other lecturers (read: ada meja n krusi but no computer yet yeah). Nasib baiklah ada lecturer yang baik hati kasik tumpang bilik (Sha if you are reading this, TQ yek kasik n still kasik tumpang bilik.. terima kasih bebanyak).

Satu lagik, the place that I am working right now is my alma mater. So terjumpa jek my previous lecturers the conversation will be like "Emmm.. Puan... saya dulu student puan.. etc." and they will be like "oouhhh" and will call their friends and introduce me to them by saying " eh.. ni my student dulu.. dah jadi lecturer sekarang bla bla " and I will be standing there muka malu, tersipu2 and senyum kambing hehe. Who would have thought I will be working side by side with my previuos lecturers.. tak sangka tak sangka..

Tadi, I was informed that I will be one of the supervisors for final year students. Haru.. haru biru.Camne nak supervise budak pun tak tahu. Teringat dulu masa buat thesis nak jumpa supervisor pun suspen yelah asik buat last minute padan muka aku. Nie kalo students nie buat last minute abihlah.... no mercy muahhaha ( isk isk jahat2).

So, doakan for me for my new job and career change that I am making. What I am sooo worried about is how to teach the students. Yelah dulu nakal giler.. camne plak lah budak2 nie kang eden nak ajar... suspen suspen.. dibuatnya sepatah haram tak paham waduhh... huhu but that will come next semester. My first job will be invigilating final examinations. Habislah.. siapa nak tiru tuh... been there, done that, bought the t-shirt :p heheh janganlah nak tiru2, suma tactic dah tahu betul tak my serangkai frens heheh ;)

10 October, 2005

Nak Gak Ngomel

Hope it’s not too late to wish u Selamat Berpuasa. May all ur ibadah diterima Allah. Amin.

I have a lot to ngomel, somehow it’s hard to put into words. Mcm ada something at the back of my brain, tak leh kuar2. Ada firewall kot. Hahahaha. Sometimes I do feel mcm otak dah tepu. Too much of thinking or most probably too much of sleeping. Somewhere I read, human use less that 20% of the brain potential. Byk lagi memory space brain kita ni yek? Still lately I feel very exhausted, fatigue and sleepy. One of the reason tak cukup exersize ni. Konpem! I even bought Paula Abdul cardio dance vcd. Konon nak make it a habit, every Saturday morning, bangun and terus work-out. Ya rite! Saturday, body clock automatically bgtau, u have a lot of time to sleep. I’m so bonded with Garfield. ZZZZZ

Last week, I went for training. Masuk class segar bugar. Bila bercerita with collegue pun segar bugar. Then the teacher starts to give lecture, mulut pun menguap la. My mind starts to think ‘dapat teh ais mamak after terawih ni, best’, ‘eh kalau rajin balik nanti nak singgah pasar Ramadhan, nak cari kuih pelita yg sedap tu’. Ish mmg sedap tau kuih pelita tu, promote jap. Bila the teacher said ‘alrite take 5 everybody’, automatically mata segar bugar balik. Hahahaha. So Wan kalau u dapat student mcm I, faham2 je la. Kita dedulu pun camtu gak. Never changed. Zaman belajar dedulu, dok belakang ngan Wan, sanggup dok kat tempat aircond menitik, sbb nak dok belakang gak. Ingat tak Wan? Hahahaha. Lepas tu kena marah sbb amik kerusi cun, then kena la panggil ‘Attitude Problem’. Those were the days. Kalau ngomel zaman belajar mmg byk. Kenangan tu.

Since Hikmah dah habis, I did not follow the new sinetron. Firstly, mcm tak interesting jek. Secondly, pelakon tak memberangsangkan. Thirdly, bukan dah kuar ke dulu cerita tu. So right now, I’m hoping the sinetron Dia, will be showing soon. FYI, Dia kat Indonesia finally ended last 2 weeks. 115 episodes. Bila la Astro nak tayang Dia lak ni. Ada la activity sket after balik office, glue to the TV. But then elok gak, not interested with the sinetron yg baru ditayangkan, else terpaksa berbuka depan TV. Tak elok tu. unless la TV dekat ngan meja makan. Now, in my mind dok pk, all kind of foods. So the question right now, bila kita nak berbuka puasa sama-sama ni? Tak sabar nak kumpul ramai2.

Ish nampak jek boss dah start ngantuk. Hehehe… till later. Daaaa…