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29 June, 2005

Ladies Day Out!

Its been ages since I last wrote in our blog. So here is the latest update. Last Sunday, 26th June we went to OU. The great occasion was to celebrate Farah's farewell. She's furthering her studies doing MBA in USM. Gonna miss u girl.. take care OK?

So, we were supposed to meet up at OU at 2 p.m. Tapi, lambat plak.. sorry geng.. the driver tersangkut watching the AF repeat where FELIX sang "aku semut merah" and said his famous phrase "susah2 aje". Ended up, Farah arrived first at OU. Yang nak dicelebrate lak sampai dulu.. furthermore, it took us almost an hour searching for a car park in OU. The last time we went through this was in MidValley, we searched and searched and searched for ages for a car park and out of nowhere there was this car just passed thru us and took our parking! Hello?! Dahle suma mulut2 laser nasib baik tak gaduh teruk. Duh!

So, once everything was settled we went to pick up our tickets to watch "Batman Begins". Best giler! My personal favourite out of ALL the other Batman movies. Thumbs up! That Bale guy can really act except for his husky voice when he is in a bat suit. What is that about? Kena ke husky betul? hehe

So, after picked up our tickets we went BOWLINGG! This is the 1st time Aneh join us for a day out since she got married. Tu yg lagik best tuh! Just like old times yeah? So.. there we were, a battle between ANS,NEO, NURUL 'AIN, SEMUT MERAH, SUSAH2 AJE and WORLD! That's rite, AF related names mostly. Even the ppl in the bowling arena realized that :p

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After the game, we went to Nando's and ate. Yelah tak mkn lunch before that pengsang nnti kang tgk movie. While eating we shared stories on the latest updates on each other. Specially Aneh.. lama ye Aneh kiter tak borak2. Nanti kiter buat lagik okay? Plus.. this is the last time till dont know when Farah is around. Usually.. once we paid our meal, Farah is the one who will calculate how much each one of us need to pay for the food we consumed. Farah said "Apa nie? Camne korang nanti? Farah dah takde nanti tau nak kira2kan" Hehe gonna miss that too. So.. nominated Elly.. our new treasurer siap ada practice tuh..yelah transitionkan.. job handling nanti hehe.

We thought at first that we will have time to lepak2 and do some window shopping but it ended up we didnt. After we ate, we went for our prayer and straight away went to the cinema to catch our movie. We went to the new GSC in OU. Nice place, this could be my new hang out place. Spacious seats, great sound system it was THX and the seats are comfy. Cool new cineplex. Thanx Elly for recommending it.

After the movie, we went for our prayers, which is also convenient as the surau is only one floor down from the GSC. Then, we went for our dinner at Chillies. Kenyang makan..

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We went out from OU around 10 p.m said bye2 to Farah.. wish her the best. Accompanied Aneh to her car. Watching Aneh driving.. wahh as Fida said "Terror dah Aneh skrg, buleh drive sana sini". Aneh was the 1st to get a driving license and the last one to really practice driving hehe. Watching her driving alone KL wahhh terror dah tu. :)

Arrived home around 11 p.m Tired!! And just realized.. oh no! Tomorrow Monday.. work :( Terus sakit2 badan rasanya ehhe.. however it was a day well spent! Splendid day out gals! Or I should say.. WORLD!!!! :D

16 June, 2005


Today is Erni's Birthday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY ERNI! Semoga panjang umur dan murah rezeki. Stay happy and ceria as alwayz :D
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09 June, 2005


Bali… Em what can I say about Bali? Beautiful, warm, and friendly …too typical description. I bet the foreigners describe Malaysia the same ;)

Bali from the eyes of serangkai (4 * 2 = 8 eyes). A worth holiday planning ( 3 months of anxious waiting for the day ;) )and dreaming. A shopping paradise, ‘Shop Till U Drop’ liner seems to suit us since we almost hit it of as shopaholic …hehehe. Remember Fida asked for a basket? ‘Bakul!’ when we actually were given 50% discount on any items in the shop. As we learned and told negotiation is a must, else you’ll pay way too much. Only in the small shops tau, not in the big shopping mall. Just like you are not going to bargain in KLCC.

What excitement and adventure we had during those blissful days?:

DAY 01:
2.50pm – Departed to Denpasar (Sing along gals: Denpasar moon… ). 3 hours flight. Luckily not a restless one like always since I have a good company besides me n on the front row. Thanks gals. Before arriving to the airport, from the plane we could see the volcano (berasap2 lagi tu). Excited, siap amik gambar lagi tu, since we don’t have any here.

6.00pm – The first time we touched the soil of Bali, Indonesia. We have this excited looks, most people would know we are totally tourists, minus the camera at the neck…hehehe. Outside was dark like 8pm in KL.

7.00pm – Dinner. The tour guide, Gede took us to a restaurant. Must be a fancy restaurant, since it is in a shopping mall plus not many people there, and they are tourist just like us. The food was great. Our first introduction to the Bali food. The food much like us in KL. Kita kan serumpun :D

9.00pm – Transferred to the Hotel Santika. Total Balinese surroundings, which we loved and adored. Large garden, only 2 storey high, comfortable, relaxing and soothing views. Cun habis laaa… The rooms are cozy. Not a spacious room, but it was comfortable. May be due to tired of traveling, we just hit the hay and anxious to begin a whole new day the next day. Well, we supposed to wake up at 6am, to see the sea view behind the hotel…own agenda btw.

DAY 02:
6.00am – Kring kring. ‘Dah bangun nak jalan2 tgk laut?’. yeah rite. Knowing myself and Wan, since our studies days, it’s hard for us to wake up that early plus we always have our infamous line ‘Jap, lagi 5 minit’. So this is our reply, well actually my reply ‘Esok je la Erni I tgk laut’, hang up the phone..hehehe. sorry Erni. :”)

9.00am – I’m so excited to finally able to watch the Barong Dance. The Barong dance is truly a delighted display of bright colors and graceful movements. Barong dance is more than a folklore dance. It is, in fact an important part of the Balinese culture and has an evident sacred meaning. Inspired by an episode taken from Mahabharata, an epic poem written in Sanskrit. The entire dance is centered around the struggle between good and evil. And the performance accompanied by gamelan.

Keris Dance is a separate performance at the end of the Barong dance. In this sacred Balinese dance, the dancers always go into a trance. Their body said to be occupied by spirits, therefore they do not know and feel any pain sensation in their physical body. The Keris dance features a scene in which the dancers thrust the Keris (dagger) into their own body. Either a Barong or a priest helps them to regain their consciousness. Ish… sungguh2 depa dok cucuk badan mereka.

1) Art Villages (Celuk Mas and Ubud). SHOPPING!
2) Silversmith – Seronoknya tgk all the bling-bling.
3) Art Gallery – Err… we are totally not an artistic mates. Less than 15 minutes, we are out from the gallery..hehehe
4) Souvenir Shop – Yahoooo… Our basket full of souvenirs. Wan and I had a box full of comforter…heheheh. We lost the track of time here.

We were hungry right after the shopping splendor…hehehe

3.00pm – Headed to Kintamani to view the scenery of an active volcano, and at the same time enjoying our buffet lunch there. A friendly waiter told us that they still give offering to the volcano, no.. not human being dude, just foods. It took them 3 hours to be at the peak of the volcano. According to the waiter, they start climbing around 3am, by 6am they are there for the morning prayer. Note: Balinese are strong believer of Hindu religion, u might see their offering (food, flower, fruits) along the way. And they believe the Good and Evil spirits. May be someday we shall travel n reach the peak of the volcano. Emm… someday, if shopping is not the major motivation :D

1) Wood Carving Gallery – <>6.00pm
Kechak Dance. Inspired by Ramayana, an epic poem written in Sanskrit. This dance does not being accompanied by gamelan or any other music instrument. Basically the dancer will chant ‘Kechak’ (about an hour). Chant it with me, Kechak, kechak, kechak. If you are able to maintain this within an hour, congratulation, u may join the dancers too… guys only since the dancer have to be topless ;)

Fire Dance is a dance where the dancer becomes entranced and able to dance on hot coals without feeling pain. Ala-ala Kuda Kepang. A priest helps him to regain his consciousness. Ish takut tgk, mcm naik sheikh la jugak…heehe

7.00pm - Dinner at Jimbaran Bay. We were seated to the outer most of the beach. The wave is just a few feet from us. Beautiful scenery. Our dinner lighted only by candles. Romantic. No wonder honeymooners love Bali as their honeymoon spot. Hold hands walking thru the white sandy beach. We did that too, minus the holding hands and walked just a few steps from the dinner table …;)

8.30pm – Back to the hotel. Quick touched-up and refreshed.

9.15pm - We walked to the nearest shopping mall. Just to watched the night life of Bali. The price in the big shopping mall are competitive like in KL. Sama mahal la kiranya. But at least we know shops for last minute shopping in case we need one, and apparently we needed one.. hehehe

11.00pm – Late movie on HBO ‘A Walk To Remember’. I don’t remember when I actually fall asleep.

DAY 03:
6.00am – We were ready for our morning walk on the beach. The big wave added to the fantastic view. Note: Bali at 6am similar like KL 8am, at exact same time. No time difference. The sky was bright and clear. We posed for the cam. Kenang-kenangan. ;)

8.30am – Off we went for another exciting trip. We went for a boat ride to see the corals and fish. Before we headed to Turtle Island. The Turtle Island mainly a rehabilitate sanctuary for turtles. We manage to hold and posed with the turtles. The turtles are range from baby turtles to 50 years old. Greater than 50 years old they will let it go freely into the ocean. Kesian dok kurung depa lelama. Took pics with the eagle and err… I don’t know the name of the other bird that we took pics with…hehehe. Erni, Fida, Wan and Sof took pics with a snake.. I’m not sure what breed is the snake is. And a big NO for me to take pics with this reptiles. Definitely a no No NO!

10.30am – Pedicure and manicure on the beach. Hard Rock Café for t-shirts and souvenir.

12.00pm - Visited Tanah Lot the sea temple. Excellent view. Nearby the temple, there are lot of small stalls and shops. So what else can we do except for shopping ;) Another shopping spree for us. Best nyer…

2.00pm – Lunch in Bedugul. Bedugul, a highland with beautiful mountain scenery and also lake Bratan. Spectacular view.

On the way back, did we stopped for another round of shopping? I guess so. Since Bedugul is quite far from the town (approximately 2 hours drive), most of us in the van fall asleep. But the view along the way was marvelous. Serene and unique rice terraces.

7.00pm – Dinner at Natrabu. A Padang restaurant. Natrabu in KL dah tutup ye? Delicious food especially the rendang. Yummy.

8.00pm – Quick rest at the hotel.

8.30pm – Off we went to Kuta beach shopping area. Hehehe.. another shopping trip.

12.00am – Till tomorrow. Sad since tomorrow will be our last day in paradise.

DAY 04:
8.00am – Breakfast and off we headed for our last round of shopping. In case, we have forgotten to buy stuffs and souvenirs. Last minute shopping. :D While we shopped, Wan treated herself with body massage. Aduh, enak gitu.

12.00pm – Totally last minute shopping at the airport :”) . Sempat lagi tu..

1.50pm – Goodbye Bali. Till we meet again : (

5.00pm – Home Sweet Home.

Please refer to ‘MAY 2005 ~ OUR GREAT JOURNEY TO BALI’ to see the pictures. More pictures coming soon.

Girlfriends, let’s prepare and plan for next year’s trip :D


May 19, 2005 we had such a great holidays in Bali...here are some pictures taken.

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big turtle....at 'pulau penyu'

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
wow beraninyer awek tu!!!huhh macho erni..heheheh

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elly with big bird!

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
background tu is the valcano at Kintamani...

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Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Take the opportunity for the pedicure and menicure treatment at Kuta Beach..

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Big eagle at turtle island..

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Here at Batik Gallery.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Our Hotel..Santika..

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
One of the HALAL food restaurant at Kintamani

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Turtle Island.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Wonderful dinner at Jimbaran Bay...nyummmyyyy!!!

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Teringat zaman moda dolu2 kan elly..hehehehhe

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Barong Dance..interesting!

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Tanah Lot...cantik bangat!

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08 June, 2005


I am as what the title says, a procrastinator. Tak tahulah kenapa.. but I just procrastinate. Even for writing up into this blog pun procrastinate. Lama dah balik from Bali.. tp satu bende pun blom tulis about Bali. Reason why i'm procrastinating on it: 1- Kena upload gambar, rasa cam leceh cause need to search thru erni's email on how to upload pics into this blog. Nak carik email tu pun malas.. 2) Nak carik itenary, cause nak tulis in detail what we did, where we went, etc. Mana pulak itenary hari tuh. Yes, I know excuses, excuses, excuses entah biler gonna change pun tak tau.

Elly, Erni, Fida, tulislah pasal Bali tu. On a different note, Alhamdulillah at last I've finish my work tasks. After came back from Bali, the workload keeps pouring in as if the ppl in the office know that I just came back from holiday :p

Talking bout holiday, its the school holiday. So, if school holiday meaning lots and lots of weddings. Last weekend ada wedding, coming weekend ada wedding. Byk betul, sampai tak terdaya pergi suma. As always, biler pg wedding, after saying hello, salam2 with all the ppl there, musti punyalah terselit the infamous question ' Nie biler lagi?' If only i'm being paid for each time somebody ask me that question. Kaya dah eden :p My answer would be ( dah master dah nak jawab soalan nie, as if I have a schema of answers already i tell u hehe) . Humor/ sarcastic answer: " Kawin? oohhh besok... jemputlah hehe" and smile to the person who asked and walk away. Another type of answer " Insya Allah nanti... " ( dalam hati hmm biler lah tu hehe) or another favourite answer " Tunggu Keanu Reeves convert and masuk minang, barulah kawin" :D Hahha... i wish...

02 June, 2005

Top 5 List - Must See Movie

Another Top 5 List. Must see movies for this month and next month. Kena list down so that we dont forget.

1- Star Wars: Revenge of The Sith
Nie baru tgk. Mmg the best out of all 6.

2- Mr and Mrs Smith
Kena tgk nie, cause ada Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. Need to see what is the chemistry etween them. Did you guys see their picture in the newspaper yg Brad, Angelina and her adopted child bercuti tuh. They said they looked like one happy family. Sedihlah Jennifer Anniston tgk gambar tu kihkih kih.

3- Batman Begins
Farah sempat ke to watch this before you balik kampung?

4- Madagascar
Need to have a big laugh. So, to me this is a MUST see movie oso. Dont carelah if its cartoon. I cried watching cartoons; let it be Beauty and Beast, Lion King yang paling terok nangis.

5- Fantastic Four
this is like X-Men. Watched the trailer and was totally into the whole thing.

So my dear beloved friends, take out your calendar and we must set dates when to watch these movies. Jom!!! Must do this before farah pursue her MBA. So, where to? Midvalley cam biasa? hehe

01 June, 2005

MBA ^-^

mmmmm married but available?? hehhee i wish laaa.. it's gonna b a looooooong journey ahead 4 me. m gona go get my MBA. 7th June will be my last day at work.. yabadabadooooooooooooooooo..
m gona miss u guys very very much... now u know y i didnt actually joined u guys to Bali. 1st, takder cuti.. 2nd, tengah mensettlekan proses2 MBA tuh.. 3rd, tengah berjimat cermat... hehhee aper2 pun, still akan jumpa korang, coz m doin it locally.. tak jauh pun, balik pulau halaman jer.. hehehe.. will head back home 1st July insyaallah. So frens wish me lots of luuuuuck.. saper nak lecturer ker profesor ker, khabar2kan jer laa, mana tau ader yg available.. hahahhaa..
so, lepas nie korang email me back at neomatrix77@yahoo.com...
ok cya soooooooooon.. kiter lepaks2 sebelum Farah chow yer.. kiter makan2 duluuuuu..