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29 April, 2005

Friday yg Bosaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan

.. org ckp Thank God It's Friday.. m praying ths Fri will end fast.. bosan nyer..
ths is wat hapend biler from big co masuk small co.. tup2 takder kerja nak buat.. mati kutu ler jadik nyer.. camna org2 kat sini face their computer ari2 without 'real' work to do huh?? ker dioran gader kerja? NEEEEEEEEEEEH! i doubt it!!! semua poyo jer.. tengok PC, surf, sembang2, email sini skit, email sana skit, pastu ymmmmmm 24hrs.. eeeee mampuih!!! need to find new JOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOB!!! gaji lebih pun tak guna kalau takder job satisfaction! saper nak offer Farah kerja baru cakap!!!! ;) dah ler tu, takder mamat cun yg bleh diusha.. ahhahahahahhahaa.. lagi ler kutu...
mmmm gossip terbaru yg Farah baca dlm E!Online hehehe takder kerja surf laaa. hahaha.. TomCruise now couple ngan Katie Homes.. imagine that, budak kecik ngan org tua yummie tuh.. best nyer... Farah pun nak Tom Cruise gaks.. hehhee..
pastu tuk pengetahuan yg ikut AMerican Idol, mamat constantine dah terkuar.. opppsss! sori ler kalau korang tak nak tahu,.. org dah bosan nie, nak kena crita gaks... ;)
Eh! Blog nie bleh kutuk2 budak PPP tak? ker diorang ader kebenaran tuk masuk?? hehee kang silap kutuk kang! hahahhaa
mmm aper lagi nak cite.. hehehhe mcm dah takder.. tapi nak kena menaip gaks, takut silap ari bulan, terhantuk kapra kat laptop nie.. ngatok bebs!!!
so, saper nak kawin lepas nie? ader kenduri tak? lapar nasi minyak ler..
eh! ok la.. nak g bank.. baik g settle benda2 biler freee... k.. nanti Farah post another catatan. hehehhe

28 April, 2005

Jerejak Island

‘... focus on the journey, not the destination. Joy is found not in finishing an activity but in doing it.’

Can’t believe it’s been a week since I had a blast in Jerejak Island. Yup, I know some of u guys might say ‘say what?’ hehehe… and yes, I had a great time in Jerejak Island. Historically, some of us might better know it as the former penal colony for hard-core criminals, in fact one of the collegue said that’s the place for ‘leper’ aka kusta (huh?). Anyway, all those prisoners have been deported to some other jails around the country. Last batch was in 1993. The island is still to be developed for eco-tourism. Now, let’s continue the journey…

Arrived to the island in just 15 minutes ride in a ferry. However to arrive to the jetty, took us more than 15 minutes. My colleagues and I was not familiar with Penang island. So we tend to get lost, rephrase we are lost! Lucky for us, there was a young gentleman (30s/40s is still young right?..hehehe) helped and escorted us personally to the jetty. Well one thing for sure, in the comment box of the resort should have a memo saying ‘More Sign Boards to the Island!’ ;) Anyway, this gentleman, which we do not…I repeat do not leave any name card or business card with him, even took us to nasi kandar restaurant. Yummmyyy… though a bit frustrated, no fried squid. I’ve being hoping for that. Hopefully, next feast should have that. Right after the kandar experience, off we went to the island. We were greeted by the porter with the resort’s modified kancil. First glimpse, more like just the skeleton of the kancil from kedai potong…hahahaha…though it works well in the resort compound. Checked-in, sent to the room… wallla… the chalet is superb I might say. Accommodate well for us. Talking about accommodate well, let’s de-tour to the subject of Luggage. How come I can’t travel light like most of my friends. I just have to bring everything along. I’ll worry my first-aid kit, my sneakers, extra t-shirts, extra jeans…everything I need extra…get the point? Tell me if there’s a formula to travel light. I can’t be hiking in Europe with my bags; I want to look cool too with only my knapsacks. End of de-tour. Anyway, let me recall my activities. (yup..ah-ha, emm…ok…yup… ok).. Shortly as below:

Day 1: Arrive -> Resting in the Room (Car Lag..hehehe) -> Tour of the resort (still new, shall improve in the future) -> Early dinner (the resort should improve the taste of the food…hehehe) -> Another round of walk around the resort -> Explorace Final! -> Aku, Dia dan Capetown -> Aku dan Tidurku

Day 2: Breakfast -> Jungle Trekking (Fantastic, we even visited the old prison) -> Suspension Bridge -> No lunch :( -> Siesta -> Flying Fox (Knees shaking at first, then, I manage to go for the second round. ‘Me Jane, U Cheetah’ :D . Great experience. Bungy Jumping next?) -> ½ hour in the tub (Aromatheraphy some more..hehehe) -> Spa (Need a massage after those workouts..hehehe) -> Dinner in Penang island (Seafood, what? No fried squid ;( ) -> Beauty sleep

Day 3: Breakfast -> Packing -> Goodbye Jerejak -> Shopped for Jeruk -> Lost in Penang on the way to the bridge -> Nasi Kandar -> Highway (Heavy rain on the way) -> Dunkin Donuts, stopped for fruits in Tapah -> Highway (Heavy Rain) -> KL -> Subang Jaya

Day 4: Home Sweet Home. My bed, my wardrobe, my pillows, all my stuffs…eh where’s the first-aid kit…hehehe

What a journey. Pictures? I forgot to tag along with my camera : ( But soon after I tumpang cuci with my colleague, then I post it, ok? Next stop… Holiday with my best buddies another 21 days.. YAHOOO YABEDO-BEDO!

27 April, 2005

"Conspiracy" Theory

I was talking (chatting actually) with Elly about who won the America's Top Model last night and it was Eva d'Diva. Yey! As long as it wasn't Yaya. We hated Yaya guts cause she's a show off. When watching her I fell like hey, we can be a supermodel too cause muka dia berjerawat cam muka aku jek hehe u know wat i mean?. Cause i tot model should look cunnn no jerawat, slim n tall. Oh yes talking bout tall, Eva; they said they consider her as short.. cause she's 5' 7" sama tinggilah kiter Eva. Meaning.. hey we can be a supermodel too ( heheh perasan giler)

Speaking about tall, I remember a friend of mine from South Korea told me about his "conspiracy theory" of being tall. This is his theory, people who lived in an island would be shorter than people who lived in the mainland. Make sense? Eg: People in the UK are shorter than people in US. Because UK is and island and US is a mainland. People in European countries are also taller. My friend from South Korea made another example and said that "people who lives in South Korea are taller than people who lives in Japan". Make sense? But, this is the 'conspiracy' theory.. just a theory that we created not sure its true. Maybe you might like to add your theory to this? What do you say my dear Watson? hehe..

25 April, 2005

Too much reality TV

Slept late last night around 1 a.m watching the finale of The Apprentice. To tell you the truth I feel that the 1st season of The Apprentice candidates were far way better. If compare Bill(Apprentice 1) with Kelly (Apprentice 2),I say 'Hail to Bill' in an instance. Even the contestants in the 1st season comprising of Bill, Kwame, Troy and Amy are far better candidates than ALL the contestants from the 2nd season. In my personal opinion, I like Raj better. Yeah yeah i know u'll guys will go like wat?? Raj? come on.. Hey, talking on his behalf I feel that he has the 'Raj Factor' hahha! He can lead and he has great ideas, it's just that his main weakness is... women. He cant see beautiful women, he just cant think straight around them hehe. But, hey arent all men has these 3 main weaknesses: Women, Power and Wealth.

Another thing I would like to add is that I just love to watch reality TV shows. My whole week is basically line-up based on the reality tv schedule. This is what I mean.

Monday nights : The Contender. Oh I love watching The Contender. As Sly put it, they are unique, but their stories are universal. Watching them fight for themselves, their families.. its great!

Tuesday nights: America's Next Top Model. I know.. i know its not a mind boggling show, but, hey to see these women fight with each other to see who's the prettiest of them all hehe is just pure fun for me.

Wednesday nights: Amazing Race. I love this show! I like Rob n Amber although I know most of the people hated their guts for being selfish and evil! But, I just like watching to see how far they can go. Oh yes and my father's favourite couple: Meredith and Gretchen. We should give credits to these two couples, they NEVER GIVE UP! Seriously, they've even been crowned as the oldest couple to have gone this far. Cheers for them and I know my dad would.

Thursday nights: Explorace and Mr Personality It just ended these two shows. Congrats to the Explorace winners and I really like the ending of Mr Personality. She picked the right guy purely based on his personality. And taraaa what did she get? A nice handsome man who is a millionare.. wat a way to end the tv show

Friday nights: American Idol! I just cant believe that Anwar was kicked out. Out of all people.. Anwar?!! Come on what were they thinking??!! Just one word, keep voting for Constantine.. please :D

Sunday nights: The Apprentice Now that it has come to its end, wonder wat I'll be watching next.. hmmm...

So that's it people. My ONE week's list of Reality TV. Too Much Reality TV you would say? Well.. OF COURSE!! ;)

19 April, 2005

Our Bagan Lalang Trip on the 9th April 2005..

On the 9th April 2005, we had such a GREAT time to one of the Marvelous Seafood corner at Bagan Lalang...Eventhough our journey memang penatler..maklum lerr from KL dah tersesat sikit but bcoz of nak makan nyer pasal, Alhamdulillah at last we arrived there!!!So, my friends, setakat nie ini jerla gambar yang i manage to post on...bz sket..maybe later ok....byeee.....

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

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18 April, 2005

We had joy, we had fun, we had seasons in the sun

Who cares if I’m overweight. I don’t bother any other people with my weight problem. I’m happy n that keeps me going. Well, at least for my own satisfaction, I might think about losing a few kg. I salute to some of my friends who go to the distance to stay fit. Joining marathon… salute 2 u. Me? Hahaha.. what keeps me going currently is an Indonesian series (sinetron). I would be restless if I’m not out from the office by 5.45 pm. Jam kat highway…habis laa…. Miss the beginning part of the story. Unlike our local series, if u miss an episode, u might still catch up, understand the plot by the next series. (ops sorry). Emmm.. Indonesian’s series rarely u get that psychic power of guessing. So now I’m a bit addicted to that series… for now, at least until the end of the sinetron. Oooo I really hope for happy ending… aaaaaa…. Chup, last week is it Sembilu’s last episode? hehehee

Last 2 weeks, the gals n I went for seafood venture. Firstly, we wanted to go to Kuala Selangor, n watched the fire dragons (kelip-kelip tu fire dragon ke? Atau fire flies?), then one of the gal’s friend told there are crocodiles in the river where this kelip-kelip hangs out. The friend says u got to be quiet there so u don’t wake or bug the crocodiles… Us? Keep quiet…helloooooo… u can still hear our laughs like miles away…may be approximately 100 decibels if u wanna measure it. (facts: You know that you are listening to an 85 decibels sound if you have to raise your voice to be heard by somebody else. Eight hours of 90 decibels sound can cause damage to your ears. Any exposure to 140 decibels sound causes immediate damage (and causes actual pain) :facts close).. ; ) So instead heading to Kuala Selangor, we went to Bagan Lalang. Yummy…. We arrived just in time to see the sunset. We talked n laughed, the best part, no worries about the crocodiles. My dear friend should post pictures soon. Erni don’t forget to include our supermodel photos. It’s great having u gals around. Thank you for the great seafood venture. We should hang out more often…oh wait… we do hangs out a lot together, just we don’t announce it out loud … no blog to share the stories…hehehe. Jot down later, need to finish my user manual. Daaaa… permisi dulu ya..


Hi... to all the readers out there. As an introduction, us the 'serangkai' are friends from PPP/UiTM. Meet us the writers- Elly, Erni, Fida, Farah and Wan. At long last we came up with this blog thanx to Elly ( sorry ly, patutnya wan buat tapi slooowwww lah pulak ur friend nie).

Actually we wanted to post some pictures here but cant find plak nice pictures.. so we'll get back to you on the picture thing.

Why we put our title as " Our Stories, Our Jouney, Our Thoughts".. well its because we have gone through a lot... we've known each other like almost 10 years satu dekad tuh lamanya.. hehe. So, we feel it is time we share this; with people out there.. mcm crita F.R.I.E.N.D.S tu but.. nie Malaysian version with all girls ;)

Rasa macam nak tulis a lot of things but nanti 1st post dah penuh plak heheh so till next time.. oh yes.. before i forget... wan dah beli dah Digital Camera... xcited giler for our trip this coming May :D

Finally, we have one!

Testing... testing...

Girlfriends!, Finally we have our own blog ...