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27 January, 2006

Happy Birthday Fida!!

Happy Birthday Fida!!!

Happy Birthday 2 U,
Happy Birthday 2 U,
Happy Birthday to Fida,
Happy Birthday 2 Uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu.....

"A true friend remembers your birthday but not your age" ;)

Birthday hugs n kisses...muuuaaaaahhh

20 January, 2006

Hand Phones In School?

I’ve been bz as a bee since the last couple of months. Well, that’s life, you have to work to make a living for a better future, .. so as I was driving today to Putrajaya, I tuned on to Red104. Topic of the day ‘Hand phones are banned from school’. So they invited this guy from some tech company, SMS service provider co., one of the VP for the company. He seems so pissed of with the new rules administer by the minister starting of today. He told, he have 8/9 kids in schools, he works till late of the day, his wife used to be a teacher and now persuading her PHD, so he has a lot of points to ponder on why the minister should not ban handphones. As I was listening, may be I’m not the best person to give my point of view or any opinion, since I don’t have kids. I don’t think hand phones should be used in school during the classes. The only reason, good thing about handphones for kids is for emergency use. Mana la tau anak terjatuh ke, demam ke. That might be the best case to have hand phones. Tapi apa la gunanya hand phone masa time belajar. I don’t mind kids having handphones. In fact, kids nowadays have even canggih hand phones than I do. So when they are in the school compound, why can’t they use the school facility to contact their parents. Masa zaman sekolah kita kecik2 pun ader gak emergency, terjatuh la, demam la. But tak de le cikgu nak abaikan student like ader caller to call bagitau, anak dia terjatuh cikgu buat dek jek, sbb tu kena ader handphone kat sekolah. I don’t think teachers are that cruel, may be zaman sekarang tak tau la. My teachers used to be a great and caring teachers. And I guess that’s the reason some of my friends wanted to be an educator, may be they idolize their teacher. Mesti kita zaman sekolah ada fav teacher, kena lak kalau cikgu tu cun or handsome.

Then ader caller to kata at one point, kids dia ader problem, and tak tau guna poublic phone or too short to use it. Too short, might be reasonable tak sampai the gagang or to insert the coins, tapi bab tak reti guna public phone tu cam… eerrrr… u can teach your kids to sms, dial and download or afundi using handphones, u can’t teach them using public handphone… Duh!!!!

How long is today school hours? 7.30am – 1.45pm? That’s the only time your kids do not have their handphones, biler depa balik, guna la balik handphone tu. No biggie. Terlambat amik from school. Ish.. when I’m school, selalu I have to wait for my dad to pick me up, else I learnt to be independent, naik public bus bayar 20 sen, sampai the bus stop, picit loceng then belajar la seberang jalan nak sampai rumah. May be, our time tak byk penculik kot. So selamat je I sampai rumah.

May be time changes, kids need to be pampered and have the excellent facility for them to grow up and be a better ruler in the future. I have a lot to say and comment on the speaker’s points. Since I’m too in ‘tech’ world, I have to work and safe some money for future kids to have a better hand phones.

What say u?

04 January, 2006


Just realized, wahhh ramai dah start blogging. Our circle of friends mostly suma dah ada blog. Why do we blog anyway? For people to read what our thoughts are; or just pure self satisfaction? Thus, ramai dah start blogging and as Eddie ke Fitt once said, buleh buat 'Fellowship of the Blogs' dah nie :D

02 January, 2006


Yes people, we -(bukan nama sebenar: Fifi, Ly Tobing, Tati,Sadro, Bambang, Farahi and Nanya) went to Peterpan Concert yesterday ;1 Jan 2006 at Stadium Merdeka. The concert started of with opening act by Pretty Ugly and Gerhana Ska Cinta. Despite the heavy rain ( tak berenti-renti ujan sampai abis show) it was a blast! Before the start of the show, we saw some really live stunts from the audience. Scarry gak sebenarnya. At the middle of the field, the Rela team have located a long stretch of besi pengadang nie. To separate those paid 80 and 45 ringgit. Buleh plak tetiba, the besi tuh jatuh dirempuh masuk oleh penonton2 'dari seberang' and at the same time, in front of us ada pintu pagar nie. If we were not mistaken it was locked ngan rantai besi lagik, suddenly the door was flung opened and the audience 'flew' in ( lompat tinggi giler) to the center field. Dasat! Memang terror memanjat pagar and opening locks betul depa nie yek.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Wanted to paste here pics of the tickets tp sebab dah lunyai kan kena hujan. So, tengok jeklah gambar peterpan nie.

Overall, the concert was great! Great show with great companions, thumbs up! Conclusion: Best bangat!