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26 May, 2005

FINALs nite

Busy giler nie tapi nak gak tulis in the blog. First and foremost, we came back from our Bali trip! YAHOO!!! best giler! You guys ceritalah pasal Bali n post gambar. Me busy like mad. So tak sempat nak celoteh panjang bout Bali.

Just wanted to share about last nite. The Finals nite. It was American Idol Finals, The Contender Finals and Champions League Finals. Watch only half or maybe less than half of the American Idol cause yelah Constantine kan dah kluar. So, watch Bo Bice instead. Hope he wins but from Fida's SMS she said that Carrie would win. The result is today. So, tengoklah who'll win but however nak gak Bo Bice menang! hahaha!

The Contender, yep.. i've been an avid fan of The Contender and memang sokong giler Sergio 'The Latin Snake' Mora. Totally excited that he won the title last nite. He came from a poor family and his motivation to win the 1 million dollars is to help his mom. So that she would not need to work anymore at the factory at her age. Bagus betul anak macam nie. Plus he got the brains. So, big clap for u Sergio cause u deserve it ( macamlah Sergio tu baca blog nie hehe)

Last but not least the champions league finals, cause it started at 2.45 a.m. takde plak bangun tengok. Nasib baik tak stay up tengok, cause AC Milan lost to Liverpool. Yelah2 sukalah tu Liverpool fans. Sian Maldini and Nesta kalah. Takpe bagi can, however ironic is Liverpool won the Champions League title this year but next year they are not elligible to enter. Tulah bagi can sebenarnya ( jangan marah liverpool fans.. i'll never walk alone)

So.. that's it.. so tonite we'll see who wins American Idol. I do hope Bo Bice wins. What do u guys think? Fida sah2 sokong Carrie tu, kan Fida a.k.a Suri hehe ;)

17 May, 2005

Star Wars Mania is BACK!

Its Star Wars mania people. I'm not that fanatic about Star Wars but I'm a fan of it. This time, its the Last edition. Yep, last out of 6. Surely people of all walks of life will go and catch this movie. Was hoping for a free ticket or something to catch the preview of this movie but seems like too many people are anticipating the same thing as well.

Heard on the radio this morning on HITZ.FM people were trying to get tickets to catch the sneak preview today of Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith. And there were 2 girls trying their hands on the tickets. But, what was frustrating was they couldn't even answer simple questions. Pleaseelah... just give those tickets to me instead. Even JJ and Rudy mentioned how frustrating it isto hear these 2 girls could NOT answer the question. One example: " What are the names of Anakin Skywalker kids?" Tolonglah tu pun takleh jawab ke? Episod 4,5, 6 siap they are the main characters lagi. Yes they are Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia and the girl fumbled to say Luke Skywalker. Duh! Frustrating betul! And she get to watch the SNEAK PREVIEW TODAY?!!! DUH!! Sian those REALLY AVID FANS of Star Wars.

Me? I dont know when I can watch it as we are going somewhere nice for the weekend. So.. hopefullly after we come back can watch it. Orite then, till next time.. " MAY THE FORCE BE WITH U" ( background sound: Imperial March song... Dum, dum dum.... tam tam taramm taram...)

16 May, 2005

Top 5 List - Opening Theme Song

Halo there? Had a great weekend? Any spooky thing happened on Friday 13th?
Yesterday while watching The Apprentice (Street Smart vs Book Smart.. gooo Street Smart! hehe selingan sat). I really love the opening theme song. So, beranganlah what other theme song that I like. So I came up with a list. Actually I wanted to come up with a Top 10 List, but I can only list until 8 so tak bestlah kan. Nanti become.. My top 8 List.. like wat?? hehe .So, here goes my 'Top 5 List' (like in the movie High Fidelity John Cussack berlakon).. my Top 5 List.

'Top 5 List- Opening Theme Song' :
1- The Apprentice - catchy song, specially after Bo Bice sang it on American Idol.. Come on sing with me people; MONEY MONEY MONEY MONEY... MONEY!!!

2- The Contender - really love this song as well. Its inspiring, really click with the boxing show.

3- CSI - CSI Vegas lah, mana lagi... "WHooooo ARE U.. whooo whoo.. whoo.. I Really wanna KNow" hehe best2

4- The A-Team- Do guys remember this song? It started like the army song... with drum rolls suma.. catchy song, sampai skrg ingat lagi ..

5- American Superhero - Dont know whether u guys still remember this show or not.. it was way back in the early 80s rasanya, cause I was small. The story about a man who cant really fly, but when he puts on his flying cape ( which is in a suitcase) he can fly.. not that much but bulehlah.
The song called.. Believe it or Not. It goes like this. "Believe Or not.. I'm Flying A way....."

So that's my Top 5 List. So what yours? Do share :D

13 May, 2005

hOw wOUld u KnoW?

mmmmm.. how would u know if wat u r doin is rite? the best 4 u? 2 me it's a gamble one has 2 take. as u all know, I am currently with a new company. And sad but true, m not liking it tat much. each day is a drag 4 me. each day waiting and hoping for new opportunity to come and take me away from this 'hell'.
i know u mite say, 'hey still new maaa, u'll get used to your new work' but NO! I dont thnk soooo. U jus know when u had enough. 3 months here is enough.. hahaha
But thn again, wat if the next opportunity u take is still not the rite 4 u? start jumpin, jumpin and jumpin.. hahhaa tats the spirit! take it s a challenge. it represents s a color in your life. a color tat will make u grow; wiser and better.
i gotta get thru this, gona have to make it..
so people, if u r dragging yourself... its time to find new opportunity and move on. no point 'crying' and 'screaming' but not taking charge of your life.. yes, it will be a risk, but who knows its the ultimate risk tat will guarantee a better fulfilling life.
goood luuuuuuuuuck people!!
luv ~farah~

Friday the 13th

A bad luck day? This morning as I heard the DJ mentioning a few cases of Friday the 13th, interesting to note that the rate of accidents increase to 52%, in the States I believe. Well today, on the way coming to the office, I’ve seen 2 accidents, both involving motorcyclist, and they create massive jam. Like ‘hello’ I’m late to work, so let’s us drive carefully and being courtesy to other drivers. So is there Friday the 13th? It is on the calendars, but being bad luck, I’m not so sure. Why particularly Friday? 13th, must be the unluckiest number.. But why Friday? Not Monday the 13th, the spookiest day ever, or perhaps Wednesday the 13th (sounds not nice huh? Wed-Nes-Day). Any myth correlate with Friday? Or is there a conspiracy theory in it? Is it because, Muslim regards Friday as a special day, sacred day, we have the Friday prayers, so they create the Friday the 13th myth? Emmm.. Btw, why 13? Not any other number. Thoughts to ponder.

P/S: Drivers use your car’s signal lights if you want to change lanes or make a turn. Very important. You don’t want to be another statistics for the Friday the 13th or even for any day. Do Signals!

11 May, 2005

Jailed for helping out family

I think most of you have read or heard or seen this news that a boy was jailed because he did not attend National Service. The reason the boy did not attend NS because he was working to support his family. The boy cant pay the RM 600 fine therefore he was sentenced for jail. He works on the padi field to help his family. What kind of judge would do such a thing to this kid. What wrong have he done to deserve that kind of sentence. He did not attend NS because his family need the money. RM150(his salary per month) is worth a lot to his family. I dont know what in the world the judge is thinking.

Maybe to the judge Rm600 is nothing, but to others it is worth a lot. If the person skips NS because he/she is just too damn busy doing other thing like loitering, spending money elsewhere, goes for holiday then I'll understand why we must punish such person with a jail sentence. BUT, to a jail kid who fend for his family is ulter ridiculous and unreasonable.

Please let there be justice! Do onto others as you want them to do onto you.

-too sad for words-

10 May, 2005

U R Beautiful

What a girl have to go thru to be beautiful? I’m the kind who likes to peruse thru catalogs. Any catalogs. Amway, Cosway, Avon, u just name it, and I’ll flip into it. Recently, I’m attracted to 1 package, anti-ageing package. It’s a set of supplement to ensure you will look young and energetic. Ok fine, I’m guilty to look young, hey, it’s natural conscience to look young, healthy, beautiful, else there won’t be the mass production of botox and vitamin c shots. What attract me the most are the benefits of increasing the memory. I do feel like a nutty professor, keep forgetting things and important stuffs. I do remember to eat. With all those great imagination in mind, looking healthy, young, energetic, great memory, etc. I bought it!

One of the products in the package is the whey and soy drink (suppose with vanilla flavour). Oh My God! What a taste! I even mix heavily with Milo and sugar, still I can fell the powdery taste and the smell…aiyooo. I can suffer thru the smell and taste of spirulina (No offence), but this one, it’s a torture. Squeeze my nose really hard and I do fell tears from my eyes while drinking it. Ironic…Hahahaha. I just need to finish just a tin, then I’m not gonna buy it again. Or may be I just need to get use to it. May be I’ll miss to drink it after I finish a tin, or may be I don’t drink it anymore starting tomorrow. Emm… No pain no gain, huh?

Anyone want whey and soy drink? It’s on me…hehehe

Anuar vs Ariel 2

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Ni patutnyer tuk cite Anuar VS Ariel.. tapi memandangkan Farah baru belajar nak include picture, jadinyer begini laa.. hahhahaa..

nyway,ths picture was taken at the DiGi@Era Futsal event. Last month if not mistaken. I was there to support my old DiGi geng play futsal againts the Era team. Buuuuut, the main reason I wanted to be there was becoz of Anuar Zain!!.. droooool slurp drool slurp ;)~

He was charming s usual. Farah yg terkedu sampai tak terkata per2.. I was only able to say "Hi", "M a fan", "missed your performance just now", "may i get a picture of u" and the rest was a blur to meee.. hahahhahaa droooll drooool drooolll

was so hypnotized with his 'beauty'. and look at his smile!!! cairrrrr siot!! memang terkedu.. hahaha

09 May, 2005

Traffic jam

TRAFFIC JAMS!!! A common scenario. Yes! But, today I just had it! I need to travel about 100km a day. Yes, u heard me, A DAY! If i'm a musafir, I will jamak all day long. And today, its Monday. So, firstly- its Monday Blues (read: dont mess with me as i'm not in the mood). Secondly, its NAM convention. So, my dad inform me that they will start meeting at Putrajaya at about 8.30 a.m, so I need to go out from the house after that time. (Note:I need to travel from KL - Cyberjaya thru KL-Seremban Highway). So, I got out from the house at 8.45 a.m this morning hoping there will be not much traffic as people has entered their offices, kids has gone to school and the representatives of the NAM convention has gone to Putrajaya. But, Nooooooooooo these representatives just needed to be fashionably late. So, there I was passing thru KL traffic and being halted a couple of times by the policeman to give way to these people. I dont know how many times we(the drivers) needed to stop to give way to these people. OK OK I know that they are 'important' people but pleeeeaaaaseeee dont be late and make us the civilians late too! Furthermore, one thing that I hate is THOSE drivers who will follow right at the back of the last car that follows behind the police. You know what I mean? Yelah mesti ada drivers yang akan follow betul2 belakang kereta2 polis ke menteri ke orang kenamaan tu and sometimes behind ambulance. And today there were like 4 or 5 cars like that. Hey, mana buleh camnie, cutting queue and do u know what; one of the cars pergi langgarnya my side mirror! Marahnya!!!! So, I honk at the car and chase after the driver. Marahlah, cause I wanted to see who's the idiotic driver. And i was shocked to see a 'mat salleh'. I tot that 'mat salleh' are supposed to be GOOD drivers! Nie 'mat salleh' mana datangnya go and bang my car. ouuhhh i was totally pissed off. At last I arrived at the office with a very very bad monday blues. So, wish me luck guys that nothing bad gonna worsen my day, if not habislah sapa yg buat hal hari nie.

06 May, 2005

Anuar vs Ariel

maner bleh, gambar boypren Wan sorang jer dlm blog nie.. Anuar tak leh kalah.. comel kan dia? hehehehe drool slurp drool slurp..

05 May, 2005

A 'serangkai' is always a 'serangkai'

In response to Aneh comments. Dont feel sad, dont feel gloom as to us a 'serangkai' is always a 'serangkai'. Those memories that we had, those things we've gone through. Nothing can ever replace that. So, dont feel disheartened as you are always welcome :) Friendship maaaa .... Group hug people ......

04 May, 2005

Talking about Football

Hi there readers, tgh bosan so, what else can I do other than writing this Blog :D
Wanna talk bout football. Yes, girls talk bout football as well lah :p Of course we look at the skill of the players plus their looks hehe. Last nite Chelsea lost to Liverpool. So they'll be in the finals. Tonite will be match between AC Milan and PSV. I hope AC Milan wins till the Finals. Of course its because of the players, Maldini n Nesta :)

Suddenly I remembered when we were in PPP watching The World Cup. Almost every nite we will gather at Block 5 TV room to watch the football match. Sometimes we take turns to wake everybody up as the game starts around 3 a.m. The one I cant forget is the one match against Austria. We screamed our lungs out at the players. A vivid image I can remember is watching Aneh in front of the TV set reaching her hands out at the player. Hehehe trully unforgettable. And as we were shouting, suddenly the RS(resident staff) came into the room and screaming wat in the world we were shouting about. Eh, watching football lah kan? hehehe. I miss those watching football days with you guys.. go Italy! Cant wait to see Maldini n Nesta in action tonite.

03 May, 2005

gOyanG kaKI

hehehhee.. ari nie again Farah goyang kaki.. hehehe
brapa hari lagi akan mcm nie? entah ler.. terasa mcm makan gaji buta laks.. hehhee
so? amacam cuti korang? terasa mcm tak cukup kan? hehehe s usual, kasi betis, nak paha!
smlm tak dpt tido ngan lena, sure jap lagi ngantuks giler.. tooooolllloooonnnnnnng!
peminat PeterPan? aper cite? tak g showcase? Adik Farah jumpa diorang kat MidValley, tapi dia tak kenal sampai ler opismate dia ckp.. hehehe if not bleh amek autograp tuk Wan.. ;)
aper cite menarik ari nie? mmm comedy Joey (Friends) akan muncul tidak lama lagi on Channel 8. hehehe how u doin???
wei.. movie aper yg best skrang nie? jom g ngok jom... tengok Tentang Dia... mcm best jer..


Halo people! Had a great weekend? I sure did. Last Friday nite I went to see the AIM full dress rehearsal at PWTC. What a blast! Saw Ning Baizura, Siti Nurhaliza, Anuar Zain, Vince, Dina from Malaysian Idol, Afdlin and the reason why I went there in the 1st place is PETERPAN!!! Yes! At last, I was able to see them perform LIVE!

OK as usual, sah2 ada comment kan. So, here goes, at first saw Tiara 'miming' sah2. So... saw her great stunt of flying great opening act. Then heard Ning singing, mind u this is my 1st time watching AIM LIVE, so Ning was great. Her voice was excellent, how u hear her sing in the radio is the same as she sang live. Sedap sora Ning ropanya. Then, who else, Farah AF oso great sedap sora, Jac n Dina from Malaysian Idol pun sedap sora. Siti pun sedap. Nie 1st time dengar Siti nyanyi live, mmg sedap. Her voice is great and she can dance now. Improvement tuh.

Ok who else.. oh yes, saw Camelia. She is sooo cute. Usually we'll see her in gown or dresses. During the rehearsal nite she was wearing this jumper suit and not much make-up, and she looks soo cute n pretty. I prefer this look than her sexy look. Anuar Zain pun ada n her sis. Anuar Zain ( tau musti Farah n Elly suka) looks good. Comellah dia nie.. no wonder u guys like him so much.

Here are some of the pictures oh yes, n i'll tell u bout Peterpan in detail hehe.
After MUUUCCCHH hassle n trouble THANX to the help by Elly, I can at last upload my pics. Giler payah TQ LY soo much for helping. So here are some of the pics taken from the AIM rehearsal.

This is Vince singing
Siti singing

Not forgetting brother Anuar with Ramli M.S . Tak nampak zoom sendirik yek :p

And saving the best for last PETERPANN!!

FYI this was my SECOND attempt to watch Peterpan performing live. (first time when Elly n me waited outside Studio1 in the pouring rain but alas, couldn't enter cause it was full). In the end, it was EXCELLENT( meaning screamed hysterically). At 1st Ariel sang without the band playing n his voice... cair beb! When they started playing the song Ada Apa Denganmu I literally jumped from my chair. Great show guys.
Last picture.. Ariel lah sapa lg hehehe