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27 April, 2006

Brighten Up My Day

It's Thursday and usually we end up working the longest on Thursdays. Monday is our Monday blues day, so we'll go back as soon as office hours finishes. Tuesday is when we start to pick up the pace, Wednesday we are quite busy. Thursday we'll work the longest because we want to go back early on Fridays. When I woke up this morning preparing myself to go to work, in my mind I have listed 1001 things to do today. The weather was quite gloomy this morning, so.. mood pun tak best sangat.

Suddenly, on the way to office, I saw something that really brigthen up my day-- a RAINBOW. A BIG rainbow. Don't know why, but it just brighten things up.. with the gloomy weather.. and suddenly there's a rainbow. Tetiba teringat how my primary teacher taught us how to memorize the 7 colours of the rainbow. The mnemonic goes like this : Michael Jackson Kata Hidup Bujang Itu Untung which represents - Merah, Jingga, Kuning, Hijau, Biru, Indigo and Ungu. Heheh camnelah cikgu tuh buleh come up with such kind of mnemonic kan?

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25 April, 2006

Get Together

We had quite a busy weekend. On Saturday, we joined Treasure Hunt organized by STF Alumni. We were invited by Masi, lama gak tak jumpa Masi tuh, almost a year dah kot. So, it was great meeting up with friends last Saturday.

Treasure hunt
The registration started at 7:30 a.m at National Science Centre. So, we decided to meet up at Elly's house at 6:45 a.m. Pagi giler. Then we picked up Aneh at her house and went straight to NSC. When we arrived, we were like the 7th team to arrive there. Excitedkan, awallah sampai hehe.

Our theme was all Blue attire with BUM t-shirts. Unfortunately for us, the main sponsor for the hunt was TESCO, kalo BUM Equipement, sure kiter menang Best Dressed kan, sebab kiter promo BUM heheh(perasan).

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The BLUE BUM team anxious to start the hunt

When all the teams start arriving, we realized ramai gak budak2 ex-PPP. Small world yek. We saw Kak Dilla n Ayam there as well. They are still the fun n funky couple as they were back in PPP. Siap dengan Afro style lagik diorang, cool. Then we also saw Sharizan ex-No1 tuh, his getting married this June and some other ex-PPP, muka cam tapi tak ingat nama. Mostly our ex-ADP juniors and also ada ex-Telekom batch ADP3 tuh, again cam muka tp tak ingat nama hehe.

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Our dedicated driver, penumpang suma tak masuk keta lagik, driver dah ready siap pasang engine dah. Go Elly go!

Ready for the flag off

Image hosting by Photobucket Serba biru, blue car, blue attire

I do think that we did fairly well in the race, we arrived on time with time to spare lagik, next year don't forget to invite us again! Sure menang punya hahahha ( gelak jahat)

Image hosting by Photobucket Balik daaaa...

Balik that day, suma flat. Penat sehh.. tapi sebab the next day ada makan time, energetic balik.

Hi-Tea at Istana Hotel

We met up at Istana Hotel around 1 p.m. Biasalahkan, standard daripada dulu, we'll be among the first to arrive and last to go back. Barulah worth the money ye tak, eat all we can. Sedap gak makanan dia n banyak choices. I don't know whether is it because we dah matang (matang ke? hehe) or because we have known each other lama ( about 10 yearskan) that we can talk about anything. From families, to life, everything.. As the saying goes, tak ingat exactly but it goes something like, "kawan ketawa bersama, senang dicari, tapi kawan menangis bersama, susah dicari". But, I'm glad that you gals are both, kawan ketawa n menangis bersama..

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Take care gals... till our next get together.. miss ya!

More pictures of the hi-tea below.

24 April, 2006

Istana Hotel Apr 2006!!

Thanks to all of u, Aneh, Elly, Fida and Wan...mmg best giler kiter nyer chit chat 'gathering' yesterday..Here I upload some of the pictures..ala gang, pc ni slow giler laaa..nak edit pun sampai terlentok2 depan keyboard nie....wan, u should upload some! Fida too....

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sort of 'Pintu Gerbang' of the Hi-Tea area.

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Time ni tgh half way makan...sambung chatting and photo time!

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Desert..nyummy!! quite nice deco....

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Fida bersama desertnyer..sedapnyerr.....

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Bukan nak tayang gigi tau!!!

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Happy Belated Birthday to Fida and Elly...seronok tu dpt gift from Wan!

07 April, 2006

My Story

It's been ages since I last wrote in this blog. Being admitted into hospital and undergone operation has been a whole new experience to me I tell you. Firstly, I would like to thank my family, friends, relatives who came and visited me at the hospital, thank you for your wishes, SMSes, calls and prayers. Syukur Alhamdulillah everything went well.

Because I have been telling the same story again n again, might as well I write it here, senang if people ask.. I can say.. please refer to this URL hehehe. It all started about almost 3 weeks ago. It was a normal day, went to work, came back from work, lepak at home and suddenly, I felt an excruciating pain in my stomach. The pain was so bad, that I can't even stand on my two feet. The pain was not on the left and not on the right. So, I thought gastric and apendics is out of the question. Nevertheless, I learnt a new and great lesson. One of the way to know you might be having apendics is to try and lift your feet to your chest. If you can't, then there is a BIG possibility you have apendicitis. And that was what happened to me, I couldn't even lift my feet.

So, that night I was rushed to the emergency ward. It was my first time being admitted to a hospital. So, my journey of first time started:
  • First time, kena masuk drip. The first time they inserted that needle on the back of my hand I didn't even look at it. My previous experiences ( of looking at other people) watching the nurses trying to search that vein, is scarry enough for me and the thought of the blood trickling. No wonder I didn't become a doctor ( penakut with needles). But, to much amazed, both of the times they inserted the drips on both of my hands, it went well. Sekali try jek, masuk terus. Fuuuhh!! lega.
  • First time warded. Usually, I will be the patron or the person accompanying the patient yang masuk ward. But, this is my ever first time masuk ward. Pakai baju hijau spital. Heheh nasib baik takde nombor kat baju tuh, if not I think kalo lari, orang musti ingat jail escapee mana hehe.
  • First time kena tolak dengan wheelchair. Everwhere I go, naik wheelchair. Check up at another ward, naik wheelchair, pergi x-ray, naik wheelchair, pergi toilet, naik wheelchair(yep, it was that bad, the first few days, still couldn't walk because of the pain and head dizzy).
  • First time masuk operation theater. Nie memanglah ingat sampai biler2. The moment the nurses told me to prepare for operation dah rasa suspen. Kahal, I prepared myself almost one whole day for the operation. Takut gak lah kan.. first time. So, when they wheeled me to the operation theather, non-stop my mouth kumat kamit baca all the doa' and ayat that I know of. When I entered the room, the first thing I realized was the lights. Sejibik rupanya macam dalam TV. That big round lights that you see on top of the OT. Camtuh rupanya rasa. When the doctor bius-ed me told me to read 'bismillah' and told me that they are gonna start, teruslah I mengucap. Manalah tahu kan, ajal maut di tangan tuhan. Tengah2 prepare tuh tetiba nampak ada radio dalam OT tuh and siap mainkan my favourite song. 'Tak Bisakah-by Peterpan'. Terus eh.. lagu favourite.. then terdengar the doctor said something to the nurses like " eh, tak pengsan-pengsan lagik' hehe sorry doctor.. khusyuk dengar lagu plak.. then terus lah terdozed of terus. ( I think the doctor terus increasekan dosagelah kot hehe)
  • The first thing I asked when I woke up was " Dah habis ke?". Yelah, manalah tahu bukak2 mata tup2 doctor tengak operate lagik, pengsang terus kalo cam tuh. Alhamdulillah the doctor said dah complete and it went well.

Tapi, bukan nak cakap apalah, sakit betul kena operate nie. Nak gerak pun sakit giler. It took me about 2 days after the operation barulah discharge from the hospital. When I was in the hospital I learnt a few more things such as :

  • No wonder we hear stories people ended up marrying the nurses. Memang all the while I was hospitalized, memang baik2 betul nurses tuh. Comel2 plak tuh. Seriusly, their patience, memang I salute. I don't know if I have the same patience as they do. Maklumlah, nak layan kerenah pesakit, kejap nak itu, kejap nak ini. Memang respectlah. A very noble job.
  • Bosan betul duduk hospital nie yek. All day long, I have nothing to do. TV plak jauh, dok termenung je lah.
  • One more thing, my doctors who treated me while I was warded were great. Dengan diligentnya, baik hatinya. Thanks doctors.

Then, started the days of me recuperating at home. Nasib baiklah masa tuh Commenwealth Games, so I watched it ALL day long. Daripada Hockey, Swimming, Diving to Lawn Bowl pun I tengok. But still, I don't understand Lawn Bowl. How do they calculate each rounds who's the winner? Kira yg nearest to each other ke apa? ( felt like watching cricket for the 1st time, like huh? siapa kena kluar td?)

Alhamdulillah, I am much2 better now ( thank you for asking ;) ). Cuma jalan jeklah slow lagik macam tortoise. I don't know which one is slower, a 8 months heavily pregnant lady or me. Hmmm.. buleh buat experiment nie. tengok siapa jalan lagik laju ;)

Just some words to ponder to everybody, take good care of yourself. And one important thing that I learnt from this whole experience is that you will never know what hit you. One moment you are healthy, the next moment you are not. Same goes for life and death. We are only His humble servant. So, do the best you can Insya Allah.