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13 April, 2007

'Ahn-Yung Hasay-Oh' (hello)

After reading the K-drama post below i rememberd the good old days.. spending hours and hours in front of the TV trying to finish episodes of Japanese drama. remember BEACH BOYS, GTO, OVERTIME?? aaaaaaaa kena korek balik collections hehehe

Anyways, since K-Dorama yg menjadi issue, let me share with yall some eye candies of the world of K-dorama...

LEE JUN KI.. I'm toootally in luuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuv wif this pretty boy.. He's the most BEAUTIFUL Korean actor! koreans call him "the guy prettier than all the girls." if u've watch My Girl, he acted as Seo Jeong-Woo, the 'loser' playboy who can nvr win the heroin's heart. yup he's pretty (my sister kutuk giler mamat ni coz too cantik) but mind u he's 1 tough guy.. watch Fly,DaddyFly n c how macho he is.. he also acted in The King and The Clown. In this movie he played as a clown yg menjadi the love interest of the korean king! yes man-man action. controversial movie coz sentuh credibility and sexuality of the Korean king.

Next we hv Lee Dong Wook. He's the hero in My Girl. 1st time tengok drama nie, I like this guy. But lama2 tengok, the guy above is much more lovable heheheee.. I stress again, i like pretty young boys hahahahhaa (pervert tul!!!) Dong Wook nie dah lama gaks berlakon but tak famous2 til My Girl. if u watch Secret (now showing on AstroAEC-Ch19), memang lawak muka dia.. tak commercial langsung compared 2 muka dia kat bawah nie!! His latest movie is ARANG.. cita hantu. I tak tengok lg. Till supplier K-Dorama i kasi. hahha...

Joo Ji Hoon- the Prince (ShinGoon) dlm Princess Hours. He's latest drama is The Devil, stil baru on Korean tv. I hope our local TV will air this drama soon.

Ni Won Bin. Remember this guy from Autumn In My Heart? He's the guy yg tak dpt awek tu. Awek tu dok ingat kat 'abang' dia. mmmmm now i c the pattern.. i seem to like those oppa yg jd loser hahahhaa..)
Below, actors from Fireworks (2006).. Kang Ji Hwan and Yoon Sang Hyun

aaaaaaaaaa sapa kata mamat Jepun jer cun? mmmmm hope u gurls dah cuci mataaaaaa.. hehehe kasi syiok skit hari Jumaat mu... ;) So Aneh, can u now remember their names? ;)


10 April, 2007


Do you have this feeling when you have tons and tons of work waiting for you and the deadlines are just crazy that you end up NOT doing the work? That's my situation right now. I have sooo many things to do and it keeps piling up and my deadlines are just ridiculous!!!

I don't know which one to do as when I'm trying to complete one task, the phone rings and my boss wants me to settle off the other tasks. And when I'm in middle of it, another thing just came up and I just have to concentrate on the other thing.

I know, i know if I have tons and tons of job waiting for me.. then what am I doing writing this entry. Well, let just say that it is my getaway therapy. I'll get to my work right back, but currently this is how feel.. AAARRRRGGGGGGGHHHHHHH!!

02 April, 2007

What is it about Korean Drama?

I am hooked. Yep, I am totally hooked on this Korean Drama that 8TV has been playing for the past month. The Korean Drama is "Princess Hours". I am not much of a Korean Drama lover, I am actually more of Japanese Dorama person. I still remember back in PPP we would exhange vcds on the Japanese Dorama that we have, we even continue doing it until now basically. But nowadays, dah macam kureng sket drama Jepun. Name any of it, it's either we have the CDs or we have seen it or whatever, heck I even have the OST tape of all the famous Japanese Dorama songs.

So, when the Korean Dorama revolution took over, I wasn't quite into it. It started with the Winter Sonata, memang bestlah cerita tuh, no doubt about it, BUT it is just tooo sad. Sedih bangat, even the song and the lyrics pun dah heart wrenching. Plus, panjangggg sangatlah cerita Korea nie, why can't it be like Japanse series, 10 episodes then it settled. Simple and nice. After Winter Sonata, it was the Autumn in My Heart, Summer Scent (wonder if the Spring series has come out or not? hmm...) So, as I can't stand those heart wrenching Korean Drama I try my best not to see any of it. Tengok sket jek, tak nak totally follow like religiosly watch it everyday. Tengok untuk just to see what the story is about.

Alas, I don't know how I got hooked with this Princess Hours pulak. It was an innocent mistake, few weeks back, while I was channel surfing 'ter'click 8TV and 'ter'tengok Princess Hours. I think it was the 2nd or 3rd episod and I was laughing all way through the drama. That was what caught me 'kelakarlah pulak cerita Korea nie'. That episod showed this happy-go-lucky young girl who had to marry a young arrogant prince due to an agreement made by the girl's grandfather and the prince's grandfather. It was topsy-turvy as both are totally different and it was just hillarious. And that was it. Later, a week after that, AGAIN, I stumbled upon that Princess Hours again. This time, the girl had married the prince, and their life of haphazardness starts.

This week is the finale of the Korean Drama, at lasttt my life would be normal again (I hope). Susah tau terhooked on this TV series, you would be glued to your TV EVERY SINGLE DAY for the rest of the episodes just to see what will happen. So, for those of you yang nak tahu what is it all about, tengoklah starting today till Friday, but I warn you dia dah start sedih giler. I think it is a trademark of Korean Drama, tak sah tanpa heart wrenching plots like crita hindustan tak sah tanpa those guling2 kat taman scene. As my Korean friend once said, "Korean guys are sensitive people, we are not afraid to cry to show our emotion". Now, I know, so if you want to catch the last few episodes of the Princess Hours make sure you bring you tissue ladies. Don't say that I didn't warn you.