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24 December, 2006

My Agony

When Malaysians were being summoned to register their prepaid cellphone with their respective telcos, well… I abided…went to the Ipoh branch (a big branch, I might add) and filled up the form. Was told by the pak gad (guard) that I need not wait for the registration to take place but rather, to place it in a tray. I was told then, upon successful registration, the telco would send an sms confirming the registration. A month passed by ( and before I add further, this took place months before Raya this year…way way before the deadline 15/12) and I received none. So during raya, I had the liberty to go there again to see whether my registration had actually been confirmed. Was told by the pak gad that I need to take a number. Well there I was, waiting for about half an hour before being attended ..hanye semata-mata nak tanye, “saya punye dah registered ker?”. And to my comfort, the teller said yes, Miss Hanis bla.bla bla IC no blabla bla…well that was a relief.. Asked why no sms was being sent but I cudnt remember whether did she ever answered my q…well, case closed, so I thought!!…..but then again another story arises just a couple of days ago.…..just the other night, I decided to reload my hp after not using it for quite sometime…(for some of you who don’t know, Im using 2 mobiles, the other one is a fixed line (by now, you might have guessed which telco Im referring to)….reason being pun because I left my fixed line cellphone in the office..hopefully no one finds it as I always put it in silent mode….) ..coming back to the story…
As I reloaded, an sms was received, claiming that my line was barred, well guess what, because I didn’t regiuster!!!!..What the heck is going on!!..immediately I called the cust service and demand for an answer. It so happened that my name was not there in the system. I told her the story from A to Z, i.e up to the point where the teller had actually spoken up my name & ID no. And to my disbelieve, boleh tak cust service tu cakap yg “system ipoh lebih canggih dari KL kut”..I was damn pissed off!!!..anyways, die kate she can pre-register me on the line it self. Well I did since I also got to know that by 30/12/06, should I not register, they will terminate the line. What I need to do thereafter is to go to the nearest branch and give my IC for confirmation….kebetulan I intended to go back to ipoh the next day (sabtu)..careline girl said its open up till 8pm…kebetulan, I arrived in Ipoh branch 12.35pm, and a surprise surprise, it has already closed. 5 minutes too late it seemed. Tapi ade pakcik tua ni pun dok try nak masuk tanye pasal line die tak registered gak, so I mencelah cakap kat pak gad my story and sebab he can see my frustration, alhamdulillah, he let me in. and there I was, confronting 4 tellers ..story punye story, they gave me a lot of crap!..well really crappy answers. Here’re some of the most excruciating answer I ever heard…

Me: Why last time you already confirmed my name was in the system and yet the KL centre said I wasn’t?
Them: Mungkin sebab skarang kami pakai new system.
Me: So, don’t tell me that you didn’t do any data conversion (silap orang la nak cakap pasal system conversion dgn orng bank ni yg dah biase dealt with such activity ni…)
Them: (terdiam, tak terjawab).
Pas tu sorang jantan ni (yg nampak macam tak puas hati ngan saya), siap cakap:
Them : Mungkin orng tu ( yg registerkan name saya dulu tu) hanye key in name saje..
I was then about to really get pissed off and gave them a simple answer:
Me: Well, itu masalah customer ker? Saya fill in all details, and you guys pi key in name and ic je pasai ape!
And again they tergamam…ade ke macam ni customer service….BULL!

Lastly, I demand a proof of registration from them in printing in case the KL ppl says otherwise. Depa print salah satu page yg contain my name inside…silap …sebab tgh marah sangat, tak tgk betul2..by right I should have asked for the Cust profile screen.

After all that horrific Q&A session had ended, me, being a well mannered person that I am, buleh lagi mintak maaf kat depa (sebab ternaik suara sikit)…and left. ( and not one word of apology came from them..ironic aint it..macam aku lak yg buat salah)

Nak ikutkan hati nak je terminate, but Ive been using this number since 1999 and to let it go just like that it’s a no-no (well, at this point perhaps)….sentimental value tu ade…

Nak je aneh sebut name telco ni, tapi kang tak pasai2 lain jadiknye..so for those who know what telco Im using right now and you’re using its prepaid, well I advise you to check again …who knows…..

18 December, 2006

Makan-makan aka besday aneh di umahku....

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Rancak bersembang..

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Aneh malu-malu laks..

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Happy birthday to u aneh..semoga dimurahkan rezeki dan dipanjangkan umoq..amin.

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thank u to my aunties with this lovely stroller...leh jalan2 sakan pasni..:p

15 December, 2006

HaPPy BiRTHDay HaNis


Sorry for the late wish. Bz is not an excuse to terlupa ur birthday. So soooorrryyy dear.

Hope you had a blast day. And most importantly, Semoga Panjang Umur Dan Dimurahkan Rezeki. Semoga Sentiasa Sihat Walafiat. Amin.

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You know you are getting old when the candles cost more than the cake. ~ Bob Hope

Our candles are still fit on a cake and free ... hhehehe

02 December, 2006

Film Review: CINTA

Actually I'm not much of a Malay movie cinema goer, but I make an exception for this movie, CINTA. My colleagues invite me to join them to catch the movie on its opening day, 30th November to get our minds of from our hectic n busy work. So I obeyed. The reason is that I want to see whether is it true that this movie follows a British movie called "Love Actually". To tell you the truth, I was quite sceptical to watch the movie CINTA. I presumed that it would be a typical malay movie that would copycat the storyline of the 'Love Actually' movie. But, I thought wrong! The movie was original. The only similarity between these 2 movies is that both evolves around love and both have outstanding actors and actresses in their movies.

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The movie CINTA is about 5 different stories. About 2 old couples played by Dato Rahim Razali and Fatimah Abu Bakar. What I like best about this story is about the love of a grandson to his grandfather. The best quote from this movie is the one made by Dato Rahim Razali when he said " isteri bukanlah hak milik, tapi anugerah". Sweet. I think people should paste this on their refrigerator or somewhere just to remind their husbands hehe ;). Second story is about two adults played by Eizlan and Fasha Sandha. OKlah adults bercinta. Third, was the story about a sister and her younger brother. Kasih sayang seorang kakak kepada seorang adik. Fourth, is about husband and wife who's going on their separate ways. In this story, I like the bit between the father and his daughter. Sedihhh sangat. Fifth story is about teenagers in love, Amani and Pierre Andre.

My favourites are about the grandad and his grandson, sister and brother and the father and daughther. The only comment I have about this movie is its title. Its called 'CINTA' but actually, the best word suits the movie is 'LOVE' because the love between father and daughter, brother and sister, friends, these are not called CINTA but kasih sayang. Other than that, I recommend everybody to catch this movie. Sweet lah cerita nie. Another favourite quote from this movie is the one said by Fatimah Abu Bakar when she said something like ' it is better to live with someone you love for a day, than to live when someone you don't for the rest of your life'. So true.

So, go and watch this movie, bring your husbands and wives, your kids, parents, friends, brothers and sisters whoever. I'm actually not the romantic type of person, instead I'm the total opposite. I would cringe if I hear another 'I Swear' song and I just can't stand to hear that stupid Titanic song. So, If I say this movie is sweet, you better believe it! (plus, I'm not being paid to write this review ;))