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20 June, 2006

Football : Women's Perspective

For the past few days, the radio stations have been on the same topic, whether do women watch football and whether women know anything about football and etc. So, let me get this straight:

  1. Yep, Yes, Ditto women DO watch football. I can name at least 20 ladies that I know who watches football. So, when you hear people say that women do not watch football, well that's just pure stereotype.
  2. Women don't know anything about football- well that's just not true. We do know stuff about football, BUT of course we can't beat the guys knowledge about football. We can talk about which games and who won but we don't go into details such as whether the team is playing what kind of tactics, and all those histories. If we do, then they would not need Shebby anymore hehe ;)
  3. Women watch football just to watch those good looking players. Well, the players that most women know are such as David Beckham, Raul Gonzales, Nesta, Inzaghi, Ballack, Ahn Jung Hwan and they are skillful players. Let me put it this way, it is the same as guys watching Maria Sharapova play tennis, she is skillfull and her beauty is a plus. So, it's the same for us. No harm done right?

19 June, 2006

Happy Belated Birthday ERNI!!!

Happy Belated Birthday Erni!!. Sorry for the late wish. I'm fashionably late. Being bz as a bee. Hope you had a blast last Friday. Let's get together and celebrate it, like always. Our makan besar day.. XOX... Mmuuuaaahhh!

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16 June, 2006


Recently, I was at my friend's open house when they played the movie "I AM Not Stupid Too". I have never watched this movie or even the first one, " I am not Stupid". All I know about this movie is that it's Singaporean made.

My friends assured me that we don't need to watch the 1st movie to understand this as it has a different storyline. So, OKlah I watched it and I like that movie. To me, it is an interesting movie that has its own messages. Napalah M'sian movie tak banyak yg ada message, when there are movies with messages they ended up kena hentam, kutuk and basically slaughtered by the media. Macam manalah nak maju movie kiter nie. Anyway, back to the review of the movie.

The movie basically revolves around the life of the youngsters basically. The peer pressure that they face and the pressure from the parents. More often than not we blame these kids for being bullies, involving themselves in social problems etc.. but do they know why? I think our community has one way or another has become what the S'porean movie showed. When the children scored badly in their exams the parents will scold them without understanding why. We have become tooo exam oriented that all we see is their marks. In the movie, one of the teacher said something like " we should look at their talents instead of their flaws". Not all students are bright enough that they could score in each of their subjects, there are those who are talented in arts, sports, technical stuffs and we should look at these skills and talents that they have.

We have become too exam oriented, what we want to know is their marks/ scores. Even primary school children has become exam oriented, kesianlah.. we are robbing the kids life. When we were growing up, all we did while we were in primary school was main. Before coming in to class we played, during recess we played, after school we played no matter is it konda kondi, lompat getah, rounders you name it all we do is play. Now, all the school kids with heavy bags and all they think is exams and study. They have no life, and who's to be blamed?

To me, parents have their own share of being blame as well, they are pressuring their children to excel in their studies and scolding their kids for not performing well. The parents have good intentions, too have/ make a better life for their kids, but they ended up hurting the children. They come home late when the kids are asleep and in the morning they have left to work/ the kids have gone to school. Biler masa jumpa?

There's one scene in the movie where there's a school play, and most of 'family' members who attended were the bibiks. Imagine, silap2 sukan skolah kiter pun penuh ngan Suminah, Markonah, Sumarni etc. because the parents are just too busy to come for their kids sports day. Of course we dont want that, the children ended up being closer to the maids than the parents. But, that's the reality and this is what makes the children/ kids/ teenagers become what they are.

In my opinion, it depends on the family, to me family comes first. Spend time with the kids, see what they are capable of, let them grow. I've learnt one new lesson from the movie, the kid asks his parents, "Do you know what FAMILY means? it means, Father And Mother I Love You". So, think about it.


08 June, 2006

Football Mad Nation

Yes people World Cup is here! Tomorrow is the opening for WC'06! We'll be talking about the games, the players, the nations involved for one whole month. Some people asked what's the big fuss about world cup? Why do we wake up in the middle of the night to watch football and stuff. To me, you need to be involved in it, then you'll know. If we explain it to you, you'll never understand it and get it, but if you try it, then you'll understand. Just select a team/ nation for the world cup and watch the game. You'll understand what I'm talking about.

For me, it all started in 1990.

WC 1990
It was the first WC that i watched. I didn't knew much back then, i was just following my brother and sister. I'll be sleeping in front of the telly and they will wake me up to catch the game. This is when I learned up the names such as Lothar Mathaus, Maldini and of course Maradona, everyone knew him already back then.

Unforgettable moment : The final of WC 1990. Who could forget the red cards and yellow cards of the game and Maradona tears.

WC 1994
Masa nie, I was in boarding school. So, we have to sneak into the TV room to watch the game. Siap ada duty, take turns look out for the warden kalo tetiba datang.

Unforgettable moment: When Baggio missed the penalty, sedih gilerr.

WC 1998
The era of Ricky Martin, mana taknye, each time nak start game, tunjuk video clip of the " here we go, ale ale ale" song. Masa nie lah we all kena sound dengan RS block 5, PPP sebab jerit "goal!!" in the middle of the nite, hehe.

Unforgettable moment : Finals, between France and Brazil. Elly n myself jek yang sokong France dalam bilik TV tuh, tak berani nak jerit, takut kena pelakung ngan Brazil fans yang ranmai giler.

WC 2002
The WC was in Japan and Korea, so masa pukul 3 ptg jek, suma dok check the internet for the updates. I remember ada game between England and Argentina, half of the office lengang, amik cuti including myself of course :)

Unforgettable moment: When Korea beat Italy. Siapa sangka, but it was sheer determination, they never gave up trying.

WC 2006: Can't hardly wait for it as Football IS life! ;)

01 June, 2006

We Work Hard, We Play Hard

It has been about a month since we last post anything on our blog. We've been busy, busy, busy with the deadlines, customers, roll out dates, the list is endless. So for the past one month, we've been busy working during the weekdays and all out during weekends. Although crita nie suma dah basi, tapi tak pedulik nak gak crita ahaha!

6 May 2006
We had a getaway to Melaka. Elly had won a free 2 days 1 night holiday at AFamosa Melaka inclusive with entrance to Afamosa, Cowboy Town etc. Saturday morning we left KL and headed straight to Melaka. The place was nice, free kan mustilah best. That night we travelled all the way to Umbai to eat seafood. We didn't know the way actually, so belasah jek. On the way baru realized, jauhhhhnya. But the trip was worth it. Penuh meja we all with the foods sampai licin makan, sampaikan brader kedai tu pun tersenyum tengok we all makan. Mustilah kan, dah datang jauh2 rugi wooo tak makan sampai habis. After that, we went back to AFamosa to check out the cowboy town. Maybe we arrived too late or the town was really like a 'cowboy' town that nite. Takde orang dah and mostly dah tutup. So, we made the most of it, amik gambars.

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Next morning, we went for the safari ride. Usually people yg tgk animals in cage, nie terbalik, kiter plak yg dalam caged van, the animals yg bebas.
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Thank you Ly, for inviting us to AFamosa, lain kali, kalo you menang lagik, bleh ajak we all :D
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12 May 2006
Wesak Day. We were soo looking forward for the Wesak weekend. After a week of office work, we can't hardly wait for our Hardones Reunion at PD. Last year, we had it at PD as well but only as a day trip. This year, we stayed overnight and it was splendid! Last year, we had the konda kondi game and this year's highlight was the delicious BBQ and nite chatting. We slept around 2 a.m that night, talking. Suma crita2 lama that made us went " oouhhh... baru tahu hehe". Thanx Mary and Eddie for the great reunion. Can't hardly wait for the next one, hopefully more hardones can come, more the merrier!

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courtersy of princessren blog (curik gambar ann)

Other than our busy schedule, sempat gak tengok TV kan. The Amazing Race dah habis. The 'Hippies' won! But I feel kinda sad for the 'frat boys' who got 2nd. They were not bad at all. I thought they would be like kinda jocks yg berlagak nie, but OK gak both of them. Anyway, it was brain over brawns who won.

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Oh and yes, the Americon Idol. The funky-white-haired-boy won it. Clap! Clap! Takdelah sokong sangat cause my favourite, Chris Daughtry was voted out earlier. I think Chris would better off jadi singer of a rock group instead of jadi 'idol', nanti jadi cam Bo Bice plak, tak rocklah kan. However, to me Chris performance when he sang Hemmorhage was the best! You Rock Chris!

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MyTeam pun dah habis. As everyone knew, MyTeam lost 2-1 to Malaysia Team. To me, its not the matter of who won it, the outcome of this is that JLo and Khairy have proved their points. Our Malaysia team need to change, this newcomer team buleh make an impact in such a short time, apakan nak lawan at international level. Dahle Malaysia team kalah ngan Singapore friendly. Tetiba teringat NS Cempaka, hmmm wonder how they are doing now.

And lastly, Akademi Fantasia is back. I know, know, bosan, bosan.. so far tak demam lagik,but who knows kan. Mintak2lah tahun nie perempuan plak menang, 3 years in a row lelaki jek. Time to make a change plak lah kan, we like changes. Afundi Velvet or Karen people.

Short review, just seen X-Men3, The Last Stand. It wasn't as half as I expected it, this is supposed to be the last trilogy of X-Men, tajuk pun gah,"the Last Stand" and that was it. The last. To those who doesn't like spoilers, please skip this part as I'm gonna tell you what happen. In the early few minutes of the movie, dah tunjuk Professor Xavier mati. This is like Professor X, the founder of Xavier School and the X-Men itself, bagiklah lagi dramatic ke apa lagik, instead, he mati camtuh jek, and his last words pun... like duh! Then Scott a.k.a Cyclops mati, he just 'poof!' mati (btw, that's how he died pun, poof! out of thin air). Dahle tunjuk that Jean has now become Phoenix. In the cartoons and comics we see that Phoenix is very powerful, but instead a confuse woman who just stands there, tak tau nak buat apa, just looking confused, like mental gituh. Then, Magneto plak dah takde superpowers, only the last bit, as though dia ada lagik power sket2, tapi what for, bukan dah last ke nie? Anyway, takde lah best pun crita X-Men nie, I think better tengok crita lain cam Tokyo Drifters ke, from the trailer tengok stunts dia lagik best.

That's it folks, and enjoy the school holidays ( kalo ada yang celebrate lah ;))