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30 August, 2007


Selamat Menyambut Hari Kemerdekaan Yang Ke-50

p/s: Alhamdulillah, Malaysia Maju, Rakyat Selamat :D

16 August, 2007

Konot's Wedding and our mini reunion

It is common that we would meet our long lost friends and get together during weddings. So, during Konot's wedding, while we were celebrating her marriage, we also took the opportunity to have our little mini reunion as well. 2 in 1 lah katakan. First of all, the pengantin was cun melecun serba hijau and the bride and groom muka cam lebih kurang sama. Memang betul orang tua-tua kata, muka sama nie jodoh.

We would like to take this opportunity to wish Liana a.k.a Konot SELAMAT PENGANTIN BARU & KAMI DOAKAN SEMOGA BERBAHAGIA DUNIA AKHIRAT. We wish all the best for your future dear.

At the ceremony we met with Amy with her husband. Lama dah tak jumpa Amy. Last time was masa belajar dulu tak silap, hmm lamanya. Then, we met Haiziah with her husband and kids, Izan with husband and kid, Farah Ismail, Hadie and kids, Mary, ET and Sad.

Lama dah tak jumpa geng-geng hardones nie. ET and Izan I guess was like more than 1 year plus kot tak jumpa. At least Mary, Sad, Farah & Hadie we met last masa our PD reunion last year. Masa dinner tu sempat tanya Mary bila nak buat reunion lagik. Sian Mary asik dia jek kena handle, takpe Insya Allah we'll help out as well Mary, buat kat PD pun OK.

We talked, took pictures sampai nak tutup kedai dah majlis, we all salam Konot adalah 3,4 kalo tak silap, nak balik tak balik-balik sibuk dok borak lagik.. lama tak jumpa maa. After the wedding, we proceed for a late supper with ET, Mary & Sad to celebrate ET's success on her viva. CONGRATS again ET! Had great laughs and hope really do hope we could meet again. Miss u all.

09 August, 2007

Treasure Hunters Go

Last last weekend (punyalah dah basi cerita nie tapi nak cerita gak haha), we entered ourselves to Putrajaya Treasure Hunt. We reached there around 7.30 a.m and the queue was veryy long. There were about 200+ cars with about 800 participants. Ramai betul. So, we were at the back of the pack cause people has arrived by 7 a.m. lagik, semangat betul diorang nie.

So, the flag off was at 8.00 a.m. and ours was at 8.30 a.m. And the chase started. When we entered ourselves to this treasure hunt, we thought it was like the other treasure hunt that we have entered. Ingatkan the hunt would be by car and they will give us tulips that we would follow by. But we thought wrong. Rupanya, this was a walking hunt. From one place to another by car, tapi from there we need to walk and answer some questions related to Merdeka ( as this was in coherence with the 50th Independence Day celebration). Kitorang nie pulak dahlah biasa dengan tulips indicator, tup-tup nie lain.

Merata-rata we all pusing satu Putrajaya tu, thennn only we realized we were reading the questions and the map salah. In order to succeed to the 2nd round we need to passed the 1st phase dulu. Dalam hati, semua dah cakap dah kalo camnie balik jeklah.. cam tak lepas jek 1st phase. So, we decided to make a last try, to see whether the place that we are supposed to search for betul ke tak, last2 betull.. so we passed through the 1st phase with number 206. OKlah, yang penting lepas tu 2nd phase.

After we have got the hang of it, we breezed through 2nd phase. Kalaulah nie Amazing Race, sure Phill tu cakap kat we all.. “you are still in the race”(berangannn hehe). The last question for this phase was to search for the ministers name. Punyalah blur tang nama menteri nie, nasib baik Aneh terror, ingat semua nama menteri tu. Rakyat Malaysia yang bagus Aneh nie.

Last stage
The last leg of the treasure hunt was at Alamanda Putrajaya. Usually we would read company signs from our car kan. Tapi, yang ni kita kena berjalan pusing satu Alamanda tu to search for the answers. Penuh Alamanda tu dengan 800 orang yang dok melilau ke hulu ke hilir hehe but it was fun. We were able to buy the treasures and submit our answers to the counter before the time was out and we were team #8 to submit it all. Chewahh! Buleh tahan gak we all started of as #206, finished off as #8. Rasa cam Amazing Raze plak hehe(perasan), never give up and keep on fighting people!