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29 September, 2006

Get Your Money Back

Excerpt from Harian Metro:

Edisi KL : 8TV pulang wang
Oleh Rudy Imran ShamsudinPETALING JAYA: Penerbit program realiti televisyen, One In A Million (OIAM), 8TV dan pengendali sistem kiraan undi, Dapat Vista (M) Sdn Bhd, berjanji akan memulangkan wang pengundi selepas undian mereka menerusi SMS tidak diterima akibat kesesakan talian.

Claim, claim balik those money. Told you ada problem with the votings. Check the full details here Click here

25 September, 2006

Season Finale

First of all, would like to wish all muslims, "Selamat Menyambut Ramadhan Al Mubarak". Today, is the 2nd day of fasting and we pray that our 'ibadah' is better this year than before and diterima Allah, Insya Allah.

By now, I guess mostly everybody knew who won "One In A Million" right? For those yang tak tahu, its Suki. FYI, I did vote that nite, during the grand finale. I voted for Faizal. I voted IN FAIZAL, MASUK FAIZAL for a few times ( my mom yang suruh vote), but instead ALL of my votes were rejected. In the newspaper yesterday, the boss of 8TV said that this things happens in all reality TV shows. But, hey I did vote for the other reality TV show of that 'paid' station, but OK jek. All my votes, successfully got through. Anyway, what has happened, happened. Ini suma rezeki, so bukan rezeki faizal kot. Takpelah, I believe there'll be other things in store for him in the future.
Talking about reality TV, have u seen the new TV series on 8TV, the so called 'REALITI'. Before this I've been an avid viewer of Gol & Gincu the TV Series.

Photobucket - Video and Image HostingSo, when G&G reached its Season Finale, it's been replaced by 'REALITI' instead. So far, OKlah, a bit slow for me I guess. The plots or the storyline is there, as there are SOOO many of reality singing competition nowadays so why not show a tv series about it. Good idea, but.... slow sangatlah crita dia. I like G&G better, I'll try my best not to miss any of its series, but.. for this REALITI.. well if I miss any, it will not harm me in anyway. I do hope there's a Season 2 of G&G. Yelah, just imagine, it tells the story of an ex-bf yg HIV posistive, another guy who become male chauvinist because of his childhood, a guy who become a playboy because he follows his father footsteps. Girls who plays futsal to gather around and each one of them has their own issues. Siap sanggup buang asid lah and so forth. If this is a book, it will be like " as the plot thickens" kind of story. So kudos to Rafidah of 3R for writing this, just make sure there's Season 2 Okay?

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Another favourite of mine is Prison Break. Sedey giler Prison Break reached its Season Finale. It just made my Monday Blues worse. Previously at least after work, at nite I could still look forward to watch prison break (to watch Wentworh Miller to be exact ehem ehem). But now, I'm left with LOST. One thing about LOST is that, it really lives up to its name. I'm TOTALLY LOST watching that show. I feel like huh? siapa pulak nie? Nie kenapa pulak depa nie jadi camnie nie? So... there's go my Monday. PLEASE BRING BACK WENTWORH MILLER!

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Supernatural will also be ending its show. If I'm not mistaken this Thursday will be its Season Finale as well. Don't know why but these kind of genre just makes me glued to the TV. It started off with X-Files. Those supernatural series, with that wicked opening theme.. (terngiang2 plak lagu x-Files). So after Fox Mulder and Scully left us, we are left with Roswell, Angel, Buffy the Vampire Slayer tv series with the science fiction genre. So, to me Supernatural just brings back those supernatural, truth its out there kind of theme like X-Files did, but with two good looking heroes instead. So, another disappointment as it too will be ending its season.
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At least I have HOUSE MD now for my Monday nites. If this is the reality, if I ever meet a doctor who is as sarcartic and sadistic as House is, for sure I will never ever see that doctor again for the rest of my life. But, as it is TV, hey! its entertainment. Go House!

Luckily we have Desperate Housewives as well to watch. Tuesday nites, its a must for us gals rite?

19 September, 2006

Latest Edition

At the midst of people circulating pictures of anak Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt's, we want to share our latest serangkai baby edition. The little angel's name is Nurdayana Batrisya. The proud parents are Erni Marlina Saari and Mohamad Zamri. Born on 21 July 2006. If I'm not mistaken 21 July nie same date as Prince William tu. Chewah2, buleh celebrate sekali yek, biler Golden Jubilee William hehe! Berat, 3.2 kg at Damansara Damai Medical Centre 1247 mlm.

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Lihat lenganku...hehehehe
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Best tak pipi nie??