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28 July, 2005


Happy birthday to you,
Happy birthday to you,
Happy Birthday to you,
Do do do do do.......

Happy Birthday Wan!!

26 July, 2005

My Letter

To dear director and the script panel of Dalam Hati Ada Cinta,

First of all I wish to congratulate your team on a delighted story and great actors chosen for the ‘soap opera’ (I presume). I used to participate as well as overjoyed waiting for the drama since Mr. Ako acted in it. (oh… Ako…). Besides Ako, after 3 seasons passed I feel less enthusiast watching the story line. Let me point it why:

  1. Week by week I could feel the dragginess ( I don’t think that word is in the dictionary) story. 5 minutes talk, 5 minutes ala video clips. Sad-sad songs. Alright, artistically, you might want to bring the sad mood, the heart break between 2 loving couples. Amik mood bak kata org kita. However, I don’t feel the substance in it. The plot should be stronger. I know actions speaks louder than words, seeing they act sadly, tangkap nangis, syahdu je kita tgk, but too many of the ala video clips made the story drag, less interesting and sakit hati to tunggu the next week episode. Please for the sake of my sanity, please give us, or at least me to have the satisfaction watching the drama weekly by having more acting instead of ala video clip.
  2. Please refer to episode 6 (25/07/2005) shown on astro. Like err… hello, are we still that naïve? If a person doesn’t loves us, why can’t we face the fact. I know it hurts, but you can’t force another guy to love another lady. For instance, the Aliya character, asked Wan character to marry her sister just because she has cancer (brain tumor). Eh hello. So a person that have a wild imagination like me may be can assume other tag line like ‘ you married my sister, she has a brain cancer, after she died, we can get marry later. But if she not dead, you have to stick longer la.’ Hehehhe. Mana leh main paksa2 babe.
  3. Referring to the same episode, is there such person who dare make such promise to her step mother that ‘walau apa2 pun terjadi, liya akan pastikan kak tina n wan akan berkahwin’ . Nahhh… Scrip panels, don’t make a fool of us. Clearly the Aliya charater knows her step mother hates her, lagi mau pi jumpa her mother and make such promises. Hello, the nite before dah kena baik ngan mak tiri lagi gi jumpa dia. Em… may be nak kata org kita still hormat org tua kot. Point taken. Boleh la diterima, but like…errr what? I’m not gonna do that if the scenario hits me. Duh!
  4. There are a few unsatisfactory feeling regarding the story. The indescribable and unspeakable aspects that I wish I have the correct word to say. May be astro pays the production well, each episode is highly paid, therefore, they need all the dragginess (the word again) to make it longer. I don’t think the story and plots are long. How many episodes are left to be shown to us? Please don’t let it be like Sembilu. Panjang, dragging and membosankan. You should ensure that your drama are packed and full of energy. Your viewer afraid to miss an episode of it. Instead now, if you miss this week episode, not to worry you’ll understand and catch-on the story by watching next week episode or the next 2-3 weeks episode. Tak banyak yg berubah. Quality not quantity.

In conclusion, … I don’t have any conclusion. Just be more creative, make the drama more ‘grip’, the message well deliver and please don’t make us like a fool. Ada ke orang yang sanggup berkorban macam tu. may be ada la kot, sbb tu ader cerita macam tu. ‘kalau nak jadi, jadi la. Tapi kalau dlm hati ada cinta…’

p/s: Luckily you have Ako in it.

Thank you.

Best Regards,
Clearly from someone who have nothing to do yet in the office :)

18 July, 2005

AF Concert Reviews (Syok Sendirinya Review)

Ah.. at last I have nothing to do. It’s been a month since I last wrote, bz as a bee babe. First thing first, since most of my friends dah demam AF, I need to feel the heat too so I went to the concert last week. Meriah with all the fanatic fans. Outside the stadium, banyak la gerai jual souveniours of AF students. Mostly t-shirts, n mostly mawi’s t-shirt. World!. Hehehe. My seating? Boleh la tahan, tak de le belakang sangat, tapi belakang cameraman. But lucky for me, since behind of the crew, tak de le depa focus kat kita yg dibelakang.

Keifli: Kecik je orang nyer. Performance wise, I can’t comment since I’m not a pro. Asal sedap dengar, boleh la. Tapi penguasaan pentas tak menarik sangat. The way he moves. Asyik jalan2 kat tempat yang sama jek.

Akma: Honestly, I’m not a fan of her. But last Saturday’s performance was among the best she ever gave. Not bad. Tinggi orang nyer. Not a big size, but rangka besar la.. hehehe

Amylea: I do like her. She has something that I want to watch her performance every week. Ada x-factor. She never failed to amaze me with her performance. Comel jek orang nyer. I don’t get it biler depa make a big deal about her, at least she’s a likeable person, for me at least.

Yazer: Rock Steady!!!!!!!! Very energetic, tercungap2 sket, but the performance was OK. Enjoyable. A bit worried biler dia dok hayun2 the tiang microphone. Mana la tau, terkena kita kat bawah or dia leh tersangkut n jatuh. Overall, energetic, enjoyable and rock steady… yeyeyeye (ala Amuk…hehehe)

Ekin: Emm.. So-so. After reading a few blogs commenting about her, suddenly I pun terikut krg suka kat dia…hahahahaha.

Mawi: Actually his performance tak de le outstanding sangat. I guess since he has a lot of fan, I mean a lot… riuh stadium biler dia kuar. He needs a lot of dance skills. I know he works hard for his performance. 2 thumbs up for a good try. Entertaining, enjoyable and World!

Felix: What a custome…hahahaha. Memang nampak ketat. Not comfortable. Performance ok. Especially semua students lain back-up. And nampak la susah sket felix nak menghayati lagu ni. Sebab nampak la berkerut2 sket mukanyer. But I do like his performance. Simple, tak banyak gerak2, people just focus at him. Did u notice the dancer yang turun dari tangga. The red dress girl? No offence, at first I thought a man dressed in red dress turun, mcm gimik, rupanya penari pompuan…hahahaha. Ingatkan I’m the only person to think of that, my sis-in-law pun bisik the same thing. Hehehe

Marsha: Sweet and lovely girl. I don’t feel her performance as a disappointment. Entertaining. Simple and sweet. I do like her dress that night. May be since I do like the jambatan tamparuli song, I feel her performance was entertaining. Plain but entertaining.

Anekaragam: Enjoyable. They are well bond and they enjoy themselves. May be betul kata kudsia, they did the anekaragam better than menuju puncak, may be this song needs a different routine. So they are all excited. Wonder how next week show for the bonus songs shall be.

Overall concert: Not bad. Tak de le bosan. Aznil definitely the best host for the show. Great hosts. Better than… ‘amboi2’. Hehehe

Sign-off for now.

14 July, 2005

Lepas Geram

Sorrylah nak jugak lepaskan geram kat sini. Radio Era punya lepas geram is on Fridays, so can't wait till tomorrow to get it all out of my chest. This morning, as I was going to office, going to my same route, suddenly.. out of the blue, i just realize there is a BIGGG Bump in the middle of the road! There is no yellow colour indicating there is a bump there even! If the bump is not that high like around Elly's house it's OK.. ini giler tinggi dibuatnya... habiskan tar kat bump tu agaknya...

I quickly press my brakes in order to lessen the impact, but as the bump is built way high, i can hear the sound " Brap!!" under my car. Oh man!!! Marahnyaaa sapalah punya keje nie.. pandai buat bump tp tak pandai nak indicate there is a bump there.

So, immediately, I kept left and stop my car by the road side to check. As I was doing this, I saw a Merc coming towards the bump and the same thing happen "Brap!!!" If the Merc pun dah kena camtuh.. inikan my car :''(

What I am not satisfied with this is that, this is the 2nd time this thing happen to the area around my house. Last month, as I was coming back from work, suddenly there is a bump in the middle of the road near my house. Dahle malam, takde warna kuning kat bump tuh.. melayang2 motorists suma.. This is dangerous tau tak.. Buat bump reti.. nak cat kuning tak reti.. eishh marahnya....

Manalah nak complain pasal bende nie.. please be consideratelah... I know you want people to slow down at certain areas.. it's OK.. but do indicate to the people there is a bump there. Instead of making it safe, making it more dangerous to car drivers and especially to motorists.

Tulah sekian.. dah lepas geram dah...

11 July, 2005

Top 5 List - 5 things proving that you are an AF addict

No. 5 - Every Saturday night you will be in front of the TV watching AF. If there is any wedding invitation, dinner or any activites you will try and cancel it off.

No. 4 - Every night without fail from 11.30 p.m - 12.30 a.m you will be glued to the TV set watching the 'Diari AF'

No. 3 - You will vote for your favourite contestant whenever you have the opportunity. If you check your handphone under the 'sent items' there will be a list of AFUNDI messages.

No. 2
- Everyday you will talk about the diary, the concert anything related to AF. Open your e-mail.. AF, during lunch hour AF, weekend AF, kenduri pun crita pasal AF.

No.1 - You are totally an AF addict when you sleep pun.. mimpi AF.

Fida, ko dah 'Demam' gak ke? hehe

08 July, 2005

Lirik lagu Memori Cinta Luka (Nassier Wahab)

As requested by Fida. I am pasting the lyrics to the song that Mawi will sing tomorrow so that all of you can sing together. Nah.. apa lagi Fida.. print terus lirik nie nyanyi depan TV. In case Mawi terlupa lirik ko bleh tolong hehe ;)

Seindah pada waktu itu
Dalam sendu membelaiku
Asmra melewati
Kala sendu

Tersurat prpishan Ini
melayari hari
Terpadamlah api
Cinta yang menyala

Bukan alasan itu
Yang ku mahu darimu
Impian yang ku bina
Pudar layu
Tiada bermakna

Setelah lama ku korbankan
Tiada bererti
Dan biarkan terasing disini

Hanya saat ini
Yang akan menentu
Pasti tidak kau menoleh
Pada waktu indah itu

Hanya saat ini
Merubah dirimu kasih
Meresapi jiwamu yang lara

Tidak ku duga mengapa begini
Berakhirlah kisah cinta nan luka
Tak mungkin akan bersinar kembali
Tak mungkin kau sedari

Musnah semua janji yang terucap
Dalam senyum menyusuk di dada
Dan kini kau telah pergi
Tinggalku sendiri

Enjoy!! Kita nyanyi ramai2 besok.... ok nak pergi carik lirik lagu Smooth nie ;D

01 July, 2005

Demam AF

Its Friday evening and I am sooo sleepy and tired. What do you expect on Friday evening rite? So.. instead of dozing off in front of my PC nasib baik ada blog nie hehe. Demam AF? What is that actually?

To tell you the truth I did not know what is AF inikan Demam AF until AF3. When all my friends were talking about who they liked, the latest update, the latest concert etc.. I would be the one who sits by the corner and dont understand a word they say. But now.. as Fida said the other day " wah.. dah bleh join dah yek conversation pasal AF" and I smiled. hehe cause dah paham dah.

So.. how did I get hooked on AF? Here's my journey from a non AF- fan to a AF-fan. It started out during AF1. I was studying at that time so.. I just read about AF from my friends emails. People sent email with the subject "AFUNDI". I will be like huh? Apa nie AFUNDI? A name? A person? Later on I knew about AF which is a reality TV about a bunch of people learn how to be a singer and people will vote who they like. So..I was thinking oohhh.. like Fame Academy lah nie. FYI, in UK the top favourite reality singing show is Pop Idol. Heard of Gareth Gates?.. yeah.. its equivalent to our Malaysian Idol, American Idol. So, people hooked on Pop Idol and not Fame Academy which I think is equivalent to our own Akademi Fantasia. So, I wasnt into it as i was thinking " nah... just another reality show".

Then, there was AF2. Again, dont know what is the hype all about. Takde Astro kan. Even my officemates kept talking bout AF2. Even more so during AFUNDI MASUK. My friends kept talking about voting Linda, Zarina etc for it. At that time there was already a couple of reality TV singing contest such as Malaysian Idol, Audition, Who Will Win and even the Bintang RTM has started using the SMS trend. Still havent seen the AF,so still in a puzzle why in the world that people is soo into AF.

Then, this year we got our own Astro. Yeayy!! So, we start watching AF3. The first Prelude concert I missed it cause we were in Bali. Came back and people were already contemplating on why Mawi was not in the final 12. In my mind I was like " Dasat giler.. blom start dah ada FC suma dah". Now.. I really want to see for myself napalah people suka sgt AF nie.

So... startlah the 1st concert of AF3. Watched it from around 9 p.m till the end around 1 a.m This was when Mawi and Marsha was absorbed into AF3. So, I was like.. "pasal nie ke org suka AF? Sebab ada gimic2 camnie?" (still hasn't get it yet at this time).

As you can see, still tak demam AF lagi. So.. my family started watching the concert on Saturdays. Then, we started watching the Diari, not every nite at first. Just like Wednesday, then Thursday.. then slowly start watching every nite. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Now... it gets more interesting. NOW, ONLY I realize why people are hook on AF3. You can see the transition that this kids make. Monday: dapat lagu.. see their faces in getting the songs they gonna sing.
Tuesday : practice.. hafal lagu...
Wednesday : practice. menari etc.
Thursday: rehearsal lagi
Friday: rehearse in front of the teachers

One thing I like about AF is that if compared to the original Fame Academy reality show is that, the teachers really pun in their effort to teach this kids. And to see their attitudes, dgn yg klakarnya ( specially those 2 best buddies Mawi n Felix) is just hillarous.

And the great concert on Saturday is just awesome. So.. if you ask me the question " Demam AF dah?" I can fully comprehend the question and I can answer you " Yes" ;)

Oh yes, you guys should see my Mom and Dad. Sharp 11.30 at nite, took the remote and automatically ; " Astro Ria cepat, dah start dah nie." demam dah....