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20 August, 2006

Talking About Old Times

I'm pretty sure that most of the visitors of our blog already knew by now that us 'serangkais' came to know each other back in PPP. Apparently we were from the ADP3 batch. Recently, we get to know that our batch is preparing/organizing a reunion next year Insya Allah. Memang dialu-alukanlah.. cause it's been 10 years since most of us met. Usually, most of the time we could meet pun masa wedding. Itupun ada yang tak cam sangat. So, a pat on the back for our leader, Ghaz for initiating this.

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If you want to check more updates just go to this URL --> http://adp3reunion.blogspot.com/ for more info. Sejak dua menjak nie, we all pun dapatlah berYM and bercontact with our long lost friends yang dah lama tak dicontact. So good job guys! Keep it up! Can't hardly wait for the reunion!

p/s: Are we gonna do it every 10 years? so.. buleh jumpa in our 30s, 40s, 50s... etc heheh

17 August, 2006

PGL Season 2

At long last, we were able to watch the theatre Puteri Gunung Ledang the Musical. We wanted to see it last year, but our budget lari, so we missed it. This year, Alhamdulillah budget pun macam ok, plus the hype said that the season 2 is much better than last year's musical, so we went for it.

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So, how was it you ask? Hmm.. maybe because people kept saying that it was great, excellent and way much better than last year's; so my expectations was quite high. It was a full house last night, our seating pun quite good (dapat duduk sebelah Aisyah Sinclair and her husband) and sat about two rows in front of Sheila Majid's mom. So, to me my personal opinion is that, OKlah overall, above average but.. takdelah excellent sangat. That's my opinion. I like the movie much better than the theatre musical. In the movie, it showed how Hang Tuah regretted his decision of letting Puteri Gunung Ledang accept Sultan's Melaka engagement. But, in the musical, tak rasa, bak kata orang seni " tak feel".. I don't feel it. (chewah! kalah org seni kasik komen hehe).

Furthermore, in the movie the ending I cried, sebaklah.. memang terasa sedih sangat when Hang Tuah arrived at Gunung Ledang and realized he was too late. As PGL punya cursed lepas Subuh takleh jumpa dia dah, so when PGL cried and tengok muka Hang Tuah masa tu giler sedihlah. BUT, in the theater musical.. I don't feel it. Tak sampai.

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But, overall memang greatlah.My comments:
  • The Set was excellent. Memang cun, cantek, I like the setting for the istana Melaka and the Gunung Ledang.
  • Stephen Rahman-Hughes, he has a magnificent voice. A lot of people said he has improved a lot. Yelah dulu kan ramai panggil dia Hang Tuah pelat, tapi to me OKlah.. paham gaklah apa dia cakap, although ada a few words yg kurang catch what he said. Plus, he said he learnt up silat. So, OKlah improve, but his voice memang excellent! No doubt about it.
  • Gusti Putri. To me, PGL best skills is her dancing. She started off pun as a dancer kan, so although her singing not as good, her dancing kire bulehlah cover kan.
  • AC memang best! All this while I just read from the newspapers about his acting in PGL, tapi lepas tengok malam tadi, memanglah, his acting was great, totally different from his usual acts.
  • Adlin as Sultan. Ada one part in the show where he sang dengan menari2 style cucuk langit, kelakar. To me it was hillarous, hillarious in a good way, Oklah ada comical element sket.
  • The little boy. Comellah budak tuh... Specially time closing tu siap menari2. That kid has future. Tapi tak ngantuk ke budak tu yek nak pergi sekolah besoknya. Last nite habis pukul 11:40 p.m pun I dah ngantuk2 nak pg keje ari nie.

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Itu jeklah my comment, overall I do recommend you to see it, as it is different, kasik support teater Malaysia. Respectlah Malaysia bleh buat theatre as big as they did. Good job. But, there are still room for improvement of course. Cuma satulah nak crita, after the show, we all tengah beratur nak kluar,there was this lady dok bercerita with her friends. Statement paling tak larat was "I felt like really in Majapahit". I was like huh?! Biar benor ko nie punya comment, have you ever been in Majapahit pun in the 1st place? Come onlah.. nak kasik komen pun.. kasik logik sketlah. We wanted to give comments pun about the show, tapi apakan daya, masa tu kamera dok intebiu Hans Isaac kang we all kasik komen kang.. depa kata enterprem plak hehe.

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