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29 January, 2007

hAppy bIrthdAy fIdA and EIjA

Happy Belated Birthday!!!

to both Serangkai favourite gals

Semoga Panjang Umur N Murah Rezeki. Amin.

Don't worry the first digit have changed coz a very wise man said
'Time and Tide wait for no man, but time always stands still for a woman of thirty ' ;)

17 January, 2007

if today is..

if today is yr last day on Earth, wat would u do? aaa ni la penangan tuk entry 30 kat bawah nie. the entry made me think. wat if i don hv the time 2 achieve wat i wan...
wow wat a question! u wont even hv the time 2 think. by the time u find your answers, gedebuk the end.. hehehee.. u could not possibly do all tat u want 2 do b4 u die. U'll be freakin out jus by the thot of it. even now as i write, my thots r runing all over the place tat i cant even think straight.. words that i've thot n wanted 2 write down 5 seconds ago, dah hilang tah ke mana.. ni masalahnyer org short term memory nie.. hahhaa
so ladies n gents, tackle your days ahead HEAD ON! langgar jer pa pa yg patut ;)
LEAVE YOUR MARK ON CERTAIN PEOLPE!!! tunggu pa lg, gigit jer org seblah tu, kasi bebekas skit hehhehehehheheeee..
remember .....
"A life spent making mistakes is not only more honorable but more useful thn a life spent doin nothin"

11 January, 2007

Turning 30

It's 2007 this year and for most of us, we'll be turning 30. Yep, the big THREE ZERO. What is it about turning 30? When we were teenagers we were looking forward for our teenage years, the Sweet 16. Then when we turn 20, we were looking forward to 21, as it is the year that we get the 'key' to freedom. So, what's the big deal of turning 30? To me personally, this year it makes you think what have you done with your life. What have I ventured myself into for the last 3 decades. Wow! 3 decades that's quite a long time don't you think?

Some people said that turning 30, makes you feel old..er. Like, this is the time when you need to make a full check-up of yourself. Whether your cholestrol level is high, whether your heart is OK, healthwise. This is the time that people says that it is the "benchmark" of getting married. It's like, you better get married before you turn 30. Some might put a goal on themselves stating that when i turn 30, I would have my own business etc.

Basically, to me 30 is the age when you start to ponder where you are in your point of life. What have I achieved so far for the last 30 years? Do I have a good job? Do I have a family? Do I have kids? How am I doing financially, my health, and so forth.

A wise friend of mine told me that I should look forward turning 30 as this is when you become "wiser". Teenage years was a fiasco, you are rebellious, you do what ever you want as you are a teenager. When you turn 20, it's actually you are still "young". You learn a lot from your mistakes when you are in your 20s. But, once you turn 30, you look at things in a different perspective, things fall into place, as you are now wiser. Furthermore, my mom said to me that turning 30 is the best time as a woman. Why? Because, teens you are plain, 20s you dress up as though you are an adult. 30s, is the best, cause everything is just right. Hey, no wonder all those lovely ladies are in their prime when they are in their 30s. So, I'm looking forward to turn 30, hopefully I would be wiser, lovelier and hollier (beriman Insya Allah). To be a better WOMAN.

So, to all ladies and men out there who are turning 30, may this turning point be a wonderful journey physical and soul.