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30 December, 2005

2005.. The Year That Was

Tomorrow midnight we'll be celebrating new year 2006. Semoga kita mencapai cita-cita, impian and menjadi insan yang lebih baik pada tahun hadapan.

Here are some of the highlights for us in 2005:
  • Farah M went to further her studies in MBA - all the best Farah, nanti biler datang KL just call us up kay?
  • We went to Bali - best giler, tahun depan kiter cuti mana plak geng?
  • Erni got married - semoga kekal dunia akhirat
  • We sort of/kinda hooked on AF mania hehe - hoping that we get tix to Juara Lagu
  • And yes, the existence of the serangkai blog

Selamat bercuti and selamat tahun baru 2006... (background: bunyi mercun meletup)

26 December, 2005

Film Review: Rock

Went to watched Rock the movie yesterday with my brother. Rock wasn't listed in my list at first because I was planning to watch Baik Punya Cilok with the gals next week. But, my brother persuaded me to watch it with him plus he paid for it hehe.

Overall, the movie was interesting. Menariklah. It is a story about a group yang hampir famous. Memang hampirlah. It tells about the infamous Battle of the Bands in the 80s. At that time, I was still young and I only heard about Battle of the Bands from my brother. It was during those days that we heard of Man Kidal of the Lefthanded and Ella and the Boys.

The movie also showed there is the rock group and metal group. As girls we get to know about rock and metal usually through our brothers and friends. I still remember when I was in school, I came to know about a group called Halloween through my dormmate. We called her minah trasher as she would have the lyrics of The Keeper of 7 Keys ( tak silap, tak ingat sangat nama lagu tuh) at the back of her notepad. Dah jadi doktor dah my fren nie sekarang, cayalah. Her influence; her brother.

Another influence is by the guys. Kiter mana dengar sangatkan lagu2 ganaz ni hehe. There was one incident where my classmate ask me to listen to a song by the band called Sepultura. Mak datuk, sepatah haram tak paham, tak sakit tekak ke penyanyi tu yek. Just imagine the influence of it, sampaikan group name we all masa BTN pun Guns n Roses. Siap the guys perasan jadik Axl Rose pun ada hehe.

From the movie also I learnt the reason why the Len Seng bus and Foh Hup bus yang I usually took koyak rabak seat dia. Ropanya the rockers amik the PVC in order to make pants. Haha, as my brother said, "yang penting image" ;D

Interesting movie, buleh layanlah just to see how it was like in those era. Long hair, tight paints, sleeveless t-shirts. Till now masih terngiang-ngiang lagik the song from the movie, " keunggulan cinta, dari sinar mata.. BPR tuh!

My final say: Janji ROCKK!!!

24 December, 2005

People's Perception

When you go out shopping or window shopping do you get this stare or ignorance by the salesperson if you go to 'big' and 'expensive' shops? Well, I do. It happened to me a couple of times when I went into those shops. Especially when you are at KLCC. There are times when you just would like to survey the prices to buy a gift that you need months of savings. I would get a stare or total ignorance from the salesperson as though looking at me like " sesat agaknya minah nie". Maybe, its the way I dress kot, with faded jeans, faded t-shirt(since student years punya baju kan) and sandals. But, once a lady comes in with fake sunglasses and fake bags bought from Petaling Street, macam Gucci bag but written there Cucci ehhe. The salesperson would come in a second and asking the lady what do they have in mind/ interested to buy. "Halo, am I invisible or something?"
Maybe, it's the way that our people think. If you are smartly dress and wear designer clothes, you have money. If you wear t-shirt 10 ringgit and slippers you have no money at all. We should change people's perception. People must think: People who doesn't wear designer clothes has MORE money, because we don't spend our money on unnecessary things. Whilst, people with designer clothes dont have much, as they spent it all already hehehe.
It's like if you go to Priority Banking, you'll see uncles with short pants, pagoda t-shirt with slippers coming in and out of the bank. Kaya tuh, pakai biasa jek. I think I'm gonna wear a t-shirt each time I go to these kind of shops written there " I wear crappy clothes to buy your crappy stuffs" ;)

13 December, 2005

Happy Birthday Aneh!

Quote from one site, cruel but funny, jgn kecik hati ye Aneh:

Happy birthday!
Now you’re one year older.
Happy birthday!
Your life still isn’t over.
Happy birthday!
You did not accomplish much.
But you didn’t die this year, I guess that’s good enough.

Makan Ayam anyone?

First time im posting a story here...hope you'll be thrilled to hear what i got in store for you....Aneh


Last saturday I went to buy Narnia tickets, and succeeded in watching it yesterday! im no good of a rater, but I guess it's a 4 for me..if they were to put some more action fights inside, that, I can give it a 5!...

Perhaps, it's more prone to gather children as their main target audience

ok..enuf with the story...

The main thing I wanted to write was..as you can see the subject is on makan ayam!

As I stepped inside Berjaya mall for the first time ( malu nak admit, memandangkan, tempat keje pun dekat, tapi tak nah jejak..heheheh) I find that this mall tak ubah macam mall yg lain...cuma im afraid, lame kelamaan it'll turn out macam imbi, low yatt, sungei wang....you'll know if you get there....

got the tickets and wandered around some more to see the 'gargantuan' place (ye la..beso beno)....and to my surprise I could see a restaurant tucked around a corner somewhere...and probably you can guess where Im headed to with the story...yep...there it was...HARTZ CHICKEN BUFFET.... maybe some of you already knew the place existed already in KL..but i certainly didnt...macam excited je tetibe...hehhehe

along, i remembered our good ol' days...yep....our PPP days...remember how we used to go to pyramid and eat ourselves out with all sorts of chicken?

sanggup simpan perut tu.....and the good part was..we would wait until our time is up...3 hours kan? just for the price of 13.80 if not mistaken ...

orang tua panggilnye .."buruk lantak"....heheh

I think the last time I went there was on our graduation day..just right after the event habis, i took my parents there..and being conventional as most of our parents are, i guess this is not a place for them...diorang still prefer nasik..so its a no-no for them..sikit2 boleh..banyak2, muak...

tapi kite ni perut orng mude lain ......

remebered the time that they had imposed macam denda for wastage of the food...one time, when me n farah went there, there was one dish that looks very much like telur scramble, gaul with mayonnaise...looks delicious enuf, so i scooped a lot on my plate..as i started to eat it, well..let's just say that man....was I wrong!!...tak leboleh nak kutuk lebih2, kang ade lak kena saman ke hape....mungkin, tak serasi ngan mulut kut...

So, probably you may wondered, what did I do with the left overs?...hmmm....let's just say it'll be a secret I share with farah...kan farah kan...heheh

so now gals...kalau nak makan ayam buffet..then we'll know that we need not go far to sunway for it...

so, next gathering, we can go there perhaps..??

07 December, 2005

I’m Soooo Losing It

Last Saturday, I went back to the gym. It seems ages I haven’t been there. Well, nothing much different with the gym except for new staffs. On the thread machine, I can only last for 10 minutes. It used to be 20 minutes, and it’s like a ride of roller coaster. No biggie at all. And now I was shocked! I’m gasping for breath. After the thread machine, the toning machine (weight machine that tones you up), I could not afford to finish 2 sessions with 30kgs (btw, 1 session consists of 10-12 pushes, more than that your body seems to be getting used with the weight, so no effect to your muscle development, after 10-12 pushes, relax for a minute, continue o the next session.). It just took me 15 minutes, and I have to lay back since I feel like vomiting. Hehehe. I have a bad stamina, worst! I need to get back in track. I need to be tough as Angelina Jolie. Well, almost as Miss Jolie. Great bods btw ;)

So my so called personal trainer told me I need to get professional help, keep me back in track, get into a program where I have a personal trainer to assists me and push me to the limits. When he said that, the first thing pops in my mind, ‘Ish macam artist Hollywood lak nak kena ader personal trainer’. So he told me the RM I need to sacrifice, and I told him, I’ll think about it. Honestly, I can’t even afford a shopping spree during sales, so how can I afford a personal trainer, plus he’s not that cute, so that won’t motivate me to the gym. Hehehe. (yup, I’m bad ;)) .
After a lot of thoughts, well actually it just took me 3 minutes to figure it out, why I’m sooooooo fatigue and lost all the energy:
  • Busy as a bee. Work and no play make me a boring person. I have no social life these few weeks. I even have to work on the weekends. Miss a lot of ‘open houses’. I did not have time to watch Harry Potter! Just heard reviews and comments about most of the movies. I can’t remember the last movie I watched. So one of these days, hopefully by this month, I’m gonna do movie marathon. Take a day off, and plan movies that I need to watch. Among in the list Harry Potter (kalau ader lagi la L), Chronicles of Narnia, PHSM2 (nak gak tau citer pasal apa), … Em… I just go the cinema to see the schedule and the movie currently showing
  • I miss my important meals. I seldom take my breakfast, I know, it’s the important meal of the day. I miss my lunches and dinners. Basically I just munch whatever and whenever I have the time. Mostly kerepeks. Not a good diet. Last few weeks I have a crave for roti canai. All mamak restaurants I have tried in Putrajaya, so I can review where the best roti canai in Putrajaya. Hehehee
  • Sleep. I’m not sure I have enough 8 hours of beauty sleep. And I don’t constantly sleep at the same time day by day. I guess my body clock can’t adjust to my routine and tight schedule. I need a day to hibernate. So dear friends, let’s plan a splash holiday next year. I really do need one, so do you guys ; )
  • I haven’t been work-out for a long time. I don’t remember when I actually lari setempat (hehehehe.. teringat zaman PJK zaman sekolah. Preeeeettt.. Lari Setempat semua!)

In other words, let’s hang-out friends. I need to see the world behind the doors of the office. I need to smell famous amos in the shopping mall, even I did have to buy it, free smell, I need to rejuvenate myself, I need a pat in the back for the good job I’ve done in the project which I should not be doing it, I need to be energetic, I need….. to get to work right now :(