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22 May, 2007


Last weekend my office conducted a friendly Futsal tournament among the staff. I've always wanted to try and play futsal but, slalu tak jadi due to either tak cukup player nak main or budget takde sebab mahal gak nak sewa court futsal nie. Almaklumlah, I'm so used to play games yg free jek cam badminton ke, netball ke hehe. It was great fun, tapi sakit-sakit badanlah after the game plus my knee is not in a good condition and the doctor advised me not to do any more rigorous sports activity. Sorry doc, memang teringinnnn sangat nak main futsal nie, so I'll make sure after this I'll recuperate.

Ironic for me is that, I played against and among my ex-lecturers who are now my colleagues. Nak berebut bola pun serba salah, takut tertolak ex-lecturer kan hehe, but they were sporting and no harm darn. After the games, while waiting for the final game we sat and without me realizing it sedar-sedar keliling semua my ex-lecturers from PPP. Pn Liza was sitting with her kids all grown up. Do you still remember Sara? dulu her youngest daugther dah besar sekarang, I kept calling her Hana who is her eldest sister. She looks exactly like her sister. Besar dah anak Pn Liza. Cik Naimah is no longer cik, she is a puan with a phd- Dr Naimah. Puan Zaidah kids, her son and daughter has also grown up to a handsome young man and beautiful young lady, yelah tgklah mak dia kan lawa. Cik Lily also no longer a cik and dah ada anak pompuan sorang.

So, while lepaking, the x-lecturers asked me whether the hardones geng still keep in touch. And I said yes, cuma mailing group hardones jek dah quiet sejak dua menjak nie.. napa yek? They asked what's the latest updates among us. So I told them that Eddie baru dapat anak.
(Note to Eddie: All the lecturers said congrats! Plus, I passed your message wishing them Happy Teachers Day and they said thank you back).

Some of the names that came up during the conversation:
  • Sam: Semua tanya mana Sam? I told them Sam dah MIA(missing in action). Manalah Sam nie, kena buat rancangan TV baru gantikan "Di mana Joe Jambul?" to "Di manakah Sam??"
  • Wawa: I said that wawa sekarang dah jadi triathelete. When I said this, Pn Lily's eyes terus terbeliak siap cakap" wawa? wawa yang sluar londeh tuh??!!" hahahaha nak buat camne wa, I think for ever and ever ppl will remember you as the sluar londeh guy during the uni years. Pn Liza then added that wawa ada masuk paper and TV, and I added that wawa dah jadik Ironmen Langkawi. When we said these, all the lecturers' faces beaming proudly. Told you wa, people are proud of you.
  • The dynamic duo, siapa lagik kalo bukan ET & Mary hehe. Semua dok tanya how are both of you nowadays. Who can ever forget ET n Mary betul tak?
  • All the lecturers kirim salam to all the hardones geng, and they wish all of us ALL the best in our lives.
  • Pesanan from our x-lecturers: "kalau terjumpa kat memana, tegurlah cause they still remember us"

Nie ada gambar of our x-lecturers. Sorry not so clear, camera phonelah katakan.

From left: Pn Hayati( ingat tak yg during evening classes she will give us Kopiko untuk hilangkan ngantuk? hehe,Pn Zaidah, Pn Lily and her daugther, Dr Naimah and Pn Liza with her daughter.

To all our dear lecturers, we would like to wish you HAPPY BELATED TEACHER's DAY! Thank you for everything for withour your guidance we would not be where and what we are today. THANK YOU!!

08 May, 2007

April Gathering- Mandarin Oriental

hi and assalamualaikum semua....
wan, sebenarnya takder idea nk tulis aper ni..coz I am confused why all all the pictures are jadik kecik than usual...i rasa i dah buat cam biasa but still looked like distorted! well..lets forget about the pictures for a while....tp baru dpt solution td..legaaaa...
After almost 6 months we havent got a chance nk makan2 bersama...so finally we chose the day to handle a small gathering at Mandarin Oriental on the 26th April 2007!..Thanks to all of u for the short but wonderful chitchat...

after 2 hours spent at Mandarin then we moved on to the KLCC..sedar tak sedar sampai 8 lebih...hehehehe bukan selalu kan..tak kisahla tue...anak/husband stay kat umah jer...hihhihi..'THANK YOU FOR UR TIME GALS!"
Above are some shots for viewing...