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28 July, 2007

What Day Is It? It's Wan's Day!!

Special Birthday Hugs N Kisses

To Someone Dear N Special

May Many Blessings N Happiness Fall Upon U

Ever Daily For The Rest Of The Year...


20 July, 2007

Movie Mania!!

For the past months we've been to the cinema like almost every week. It all started since Spiderman 3, after watching Spidey we watched Pirates of the Caribbean At World's End.

To tell you the truth, for us it was quite dissappointing, although there are 2 good looking guys that we could look at but still... we prefer the 1st and 2nd pirates better. At first I thought maybe as gals we just don't get it or something, but a guy friend of mine who is a big fan of the Pirates which he booked the Gold Class specifically to watch Pirates and he slept halfway through. So, our verdict stays. Quite dissappointing Pirates 3.

After that, there was the Ocean 13. The third installment of the Ocean series. OK gak. Live up to its standards, what interest me in this Ocean 13 was that, there was no lady heroin or any woman as one of the main roles. Unlike Ocean 11 and Ocean 12 they had Catherine Zeta Jones and Julia Roberts. In Ocean 13, all the main characters were man, rasa cam crita Baik Punya Cilok plak. suma main characters lelaki ( which I have no problem at all).

Lepas Ocean 13, pergi tengok Fantastic 4 Rise of the Silver Surfer. Bosan gak, it's a bit mushy mushy lah for me.. tahulah in this movie Mr Fantastic and Invisible Woman got married, but still, tak ganas langsung silver surfer tu, and there were not much action sequence.

After so many dissappointments, at last we had a great blast watching Transformers. Best giler, it was just awesome! Really live up to its expectations. tak rugi kalo tengok byk kali pun. Which I envy Elly, cause she got to see it more than once plus, the 1st time she watched it during the Premiere nite, and the audience siap menyanyi lagu Transformers lagik. Dasat! If I were there, I would do the same thing as well. In one of the scene, masa Optimus Prime baru kluar, masa first time dia cakap.. feels like wooohhh. Cause it's been a long time since we heard Optimus Prime spoke as he died in the cartoon so, masa dengar balik suara dia rasa cam "He's back!!" I guess only those yang 'sebaya' dengan kita jek knows how we feel as we all watched Transformers while we were growing up, so to hear Mr Optimus Prime voice again was just awesome! Kalau ada suara Megatron yang ori sure lagik best, tapi apa nak buat.

Last Wednesday night, we watched Harry Potter The Order of Phoenix. We've heard that people said the 5th movie tak best. But, I want to watch it and judge it on my own as I'm an avid fan of harry potter. Yep, I read all the books and I watched all the movies. After watching it, I would say I have to Agree with the rest of the world, memang tak best. Drag giler crita dia, not much action packed, the message doesn't come across. Right after the movie, I went back which was like 12 a.m in the morning, and what I did was I opened up the Harry Potter book The order of Phoenix sebab tak puas hati, cause in the book the battle they had when they were in the Ministry were way way excruciating. The movie really do no justice to the 5th book. Hopefully the next movie, the Half Blood Prince would be wayyy better. Plus, just can't hardly wait to read the last installment of Harry Potter. 7 years of waiting. Nasib baik, nak habis dah. Kalau dibuatnya J.K Rowling tu mati sebelum habis tulis the seventh book tak ke haru, nasib baik minah tu habis gak tulis. If not, it would be like Star Wars, nasib baik George Lucas tak jadik continue to do the 3 more series sebab dah tua,kalau tak.. haru dibuatnya..

P/s: Rumour has it that there will be Thundercats the movie! Just can't hardly wait for it. Sure semua ingat those magic words "Thunder!Thunder! Thundercats hoooooooooooooo!" Afther this anak-anaklah plak ikut mak ayah dia mcm LionO tu ehhe. Hmmm wonder who would be Mummmraaaaa the Ever Livingggg!!!

Lastly, for those avid fans of Transformers.. just reminiscing the good old days, lyrics of Transformers.. sing together now :D

Something evil's watching over you
Comin' from the sky above
And there's nothing you can do
Prepare to strike
There'll be no place to run
When your caught within the grip
Of the evil Unicron
More than meets the eye
Robots in Disguise
Strong enough to break the bravest heart
So we have to pull together
We can't stay worlds apart
To stand divided we will surely fall
Until our darkest hour
When the light will save us all
More than meets the eye
Robots in Disguise
Autobots wage their Battle
To destroy the evil forces
Of the Decepticons
It's judgment day and now we've made our stand
And now the powers of darkness
Have been driven from our land
The Battle's over but the war has just begun
And this way it will remain til the day when all are one
More than meets the eye